Calling all Parents and Respectable Businesses: Do You Know What LEO (Louisville Eccentric Observer) is Teaching your Children?

I made it clear from the moment I started this blog that I am a sinner. That confession is right there in my Foundations page. My life could actually cause Continue Reading

Is USATodaySoWhite?

The only groups in America that can be criticized, lampooned, lambasted, and even threatened, are Conservatives, Christians, Republicans, and all white people, unless of course the white people are dedicated Continue Reading

The Real War on Women and the Second Amendment

When Americans go to bed at night, or whenever we lay our heads down to rest, we should have the confidence that our leaders are going to sleep, with their Continue Reading


The attributes of a hero are often courage, honesty, courtesy and charity. The foundation that is Kirsten Powers new book, reveals all of those characteristics. I don’t believe that every Continue Reading

AMERICA: The Next Four Years

The next four years could be colorful, or stormy and full of rain clouds. What are we to think when a character like Donald Trump seems to be the alternative Continue Reading

I don’t wish to Rush to Judgement, but Bret Stephens via The Wall Street Journal, Echoes more, of what this Blogger has already noticed, about the Ascension of Donald Trump.

I have listened to Rush Limbaugh off and on since 1988. Many times I have agreed with him on various issues, while other times I have disagreed. Lately, I have Continue Reading

A Response To Senator Patrick Leahy of the Senate Judiciary Committee: Let Me Get This Straight. You Think The American People Will Not Stand For Delaying The Confirmation of A New Supreme Court Justice, Because We Want to See That You Are Doing Your Job?

No Sir! Senator Leahy, doing your job in my view, and also in the kaleidoscopic view of millions of Americans, would be upholding your oath to the Constitution! My, what Continue Reading

A Light of Freedom is Lost, Evil’s Eyes are Brightened and its Claws are Sharpened, and Good Men and Women are Called to Battle.

Justice Antonin Scalia left this world on February 13, 2016. He now stands in the presence of the King of Kings and Lord of Lords, The Lord Jesus Christ. I Continue Reading

No Trumpet Sounding at Tonight’s Debate, Buying Rush and Receiving Trump Change, and a Vote for Megyn Kelly.

Donald Trump lost my vote today. Rush Limbaugh disengaged my literary restraint in regards to him today, I agreed with John McCain in a rare instance today, and I’ve come Continue Reading