About Me

If you will look at the title page of my blog you will notice three icons below the name of my blog. You will see what appears to be an eagle, an animal paw and a dove. All three of these icons represent who I am in some way. Certainly, these images in no way represent the total man I am, but two of these icons represent those things which are most important to me. In fact, I started this blog mainly in relation to the eagle and the dove, although the paw represents what I always wanted to be as well. In short, you will see many subjects come alive on this blog stemming from the deep meanings of these symbols.

You will understand ALL that I believe as time marches on. I will make some of you angry, some of you happy, some of you sad, while others will be eager to learn more. Regardless of how I make you feel, I will bring you the truth. I have designed categories that fit my beliefs and desires to the best of my ability. I feel you will probably learn things you’ve never known. I found the truth over 30 years ago and I want to see that you find it too. The truth is hard to come by as we live in a vast sea of deception. Not only will you learn things from this blog you’ve never known, you will be intrigued by the various roads we travel together as we endeavor to explore life’s mysteries side by side.

So have a seat wherever you might be, and prepare to travel the narrow road to truth and the broad way to the unknown.

– Mark Damon