The Silencing

The attributes of a hero are often courage, honesty, courtesy and charity. The foundation that is Kirsten Powers new book, reveals all of those characteristics. I don’t believe that every book reveals the character of the author, but I believe the Silencing is not only a field guide to the illiberal left, as Kirsten often refers to them in the book, but the book is also a guide to what kind of person Kirsten must be. Clearly, courage is an attribute that was required to write this book.

Kirsten steps on the many rancid feet of the illiberal left, as she wades through the hypocrisy of their hostile actions and their intolerant double speak. Kirsten, still holding fast to many of her liberal positions, manages to maintain her beliefs intact, while displaying a form of honesty that is all too rare in this day and age. The book is a testament to the art of genuine courtesy, as she affords her conservative opposition, a literary defense against the illiberal left’s unfair diatribes and physical hostilities!

Kirsten ardently defends the First Amendment for people embracing all ideologies, and she continually spotlights the left when they are wrong. Kirsten’s rare golden work known as the Silencing, is a book that teaches Conservatives, Liberals and Christians alike, a prime example, of how to behave like a human being, instead of just a partisan political warmonger.

This is a unique and very interesting book, written by a very special person. The book stands alone in a world of us against them, and instead grants charity to Conservatives and Christians, while calling out many people that otherwise, may be aligned with Kirsten’s basic views on political issues.

This book should be retained in households across the nation, in both political camps, because it is a valuable resource for all of us, in the study of REAL tolerance.

I think we often make mistakes and cheapen the idea of what a Hero is, when we assign such status to whole groups, when parts of that group may not qualify. We also do injustice to real heroes when we assign such status to individuals that embrace contemporary cultural norms, when at a different time in our culture, they may have never attained such an engendered honor.

A Hero is someone that displays the kind of iron that Kirsten has demonstrated with her book, the Silencing. I am sure Kirsten does not see herself as a hero, but real heroes rarely do see themselves as such. What is a fitting tribute to honor this hero? I would say the best way to honor this hero is to acknowledge the fruits of her labor, by placing her book in your private library, or asking your university administrator to put it in theirs.

Great literary work!

You can purchase this book at Amazon here.

Mark Damon