Hire Me

In the coming months I will really be beefing up this site with pictures, videos and hard hitting blogs. I would like to do book reviews here, but those reviews can be just as easily accomplished by doing them on your blog (as a guest post) or in the pages of your newspaper as a guest columnist. In addition to those suggestions, I retain a wealth of knowledge in Security Services, the Animal Control field (over two decades) and related Law Enforcement. Although, this blog site does not particularly have to do with Animal Control fields, Law Enforcement or Security Services, I am offering my services in these fields as a speaker, training Officer etc, to expedite my financial portfolio, so that I may dedicate 100% of my time to this blog, writing posts that the American people desperately need to stem the tide of deceptions throughout this nation. It is no secret that Law Enforcement is under attack in this Nation politically, and I can speak to solving that problem as well.

If you have a Church where your seats appear to be more empty than full (and a half empty Church is not the equivalent of a half empty glass, meaning you can view it as either positive or negative) I believe I can change that as either a regular guest preacher or speaker. (Hiring me as a preacher would be better for your numbers, trust me). 

Maybe you would like some of my hard hitting style on your religious, political or even entertainment or pop culture blog? Hire me as a guest blogger, we will expand our horizons.

I would absolutely love for any newspapers with the guts, to welcome me to do guest columns, opinions, etc. When I browse the many columns throughout this nation, I see many tired old arguments, whether those arguments are liberal or democrat, or conservative or republican, they are tired old arguments, time to put some fresh perspective in your papers! I am not insulting you, it’s just a fact! I do not believe your readership is down due to the internet or other modern communications, it is because many people are sick of cold, dead, tired opinion, that does not have enough spark to light a match!


You really need speakers other than progressives, and cold dead conservative or social religious icons. Don’t know what I mean? Hire me to speak and I’ll tell you what I mean. 


You are wasting your time paying progressives and democrats you think love you, for advise and assurances. You, like the rest of us, lose America if we do. In fact, lose America, and the World will soon follow. That is not arrogant Americanism, it is most likely, a truism in the current age in which we live. Hire me, I will charge you far less than foolish progressives, and the info will be far more valuable.

Much of what I propose here, will cost many here little or nothing. The American dream is under assault, and that assault is accelerating. Hire me and I will tell you why. In the meantime, I will continue bringing you the truth with this blog, with a unique perspective and understanding, as often as I am able! Understand this: The richest of the rich will lose everything, if your apathy to the plight of this nation’s heritage and founding strength is ignored. 

Very few people understand the reality of dark spiritual power and that it does exist. Very few people have a grasp of just how free we all once were, and how far down the road of oppression we are starting to slip. Read the blog I recently posted: SUBTLE ACCELERATION AMERICA.

Let’s talk about it. Maybe you have another project in mind for me? A book maybe? I can do that too.

Sincerely yours,

Mark Damon