Hulk Fans Get Nothing In Avengers Endgame.

WARNING! AVENGERS ENDGAME SPOILERS: I have returned to my blog and it’s all because of the snap. Not the snap of Thanos, but a snap initiated by one of four Continue Reading

Coming Soon in 2017.

It’s not over yet. The Presidential Inauguration is in January, and I am sure the loons will be in full force with their protests, ignorant diatribes about what THEY THINK Continue Reading

Mickey Gilley Still Shines Bright on the Renfro Valley Stage.

On October 14, 2016, I was fortunate enough, to enjoy a show by one of my earliest musical heroes, Mickey Gilley. Mickey Gilley has a long history in the music Continue Reading

Mars vs Earth: President Obama, Candidates Clinton and Trump, World Leaders address July 4th Dilemma.

At midnight on July 4, 2016, twenty six cities across America were attacked. We have not yet determined how many human beings have died, but we know the death toll Continue Reading