Hulk Fans Get Nothing In Avengers Endgame.


I have returned to my blog and it’s all because of the snap. Not the snap of Thanos, but a snap initiated by one of four people, companies or more. I am just a blogger, so I do not know if there was one snap of a finger or several hands involved. Was it Mark Ruffalo that snapped his fingers? Was it the Russo Brothers that snapped their fingers collectively? Was it Disney as a company or perhaps it was Marvel, a company I have been loyal to since I was between 6 and 10 years old? I don’t know who it was that sapped their fingers, or if they all snapped them together, but I’ll tell you, I blame MARVEL for the snap. That’s why I’m back, the snap has to be answered. Hulk fans assemble!! Someone involved, trashed the Hulk with a snap of their fingers. I remember seeing stories where Mark Ruffalo said he was offering up his ideas on how the story on the Hulk should go. If his input did this to the Hulk, he is far worse than Thanos because Thanos is a fictional character. Perhaps it was the Russo Brothers that teased Hulk fans in Infinity War with a spectacular comeback? More on the Hulk in a moment, but first, I want to explain why I think Marvel threw the moon at all true Marvel fans, especially, the first ones.


I kept waiting to see the Hulk make his incredible entrance, so well, I completely missed the Progressive virus that finally made it to Marvel. My friend sitting next to me, did not. My friend was not looking for the Hulk like me, my friend is a fan of all of the characters, and she noticed the following: She noticed that Captain America kept cursing, well, maybe it was Chris Evans cursing and not Steve Rogers. Although Thanos wiped out half of the Universe, there was still a gay man for Captain America to console, this despite the estimated gay community being a smaller part of the population to begin with. So why would Marvel inject such a politically correct scene in a Super hero flick, where the villain has killed so many trillions? My friend saw girl power on the battlefield even though real life would project a very different scene, one of which everyone is united to take down Thanos, not in order to make a political statement to Thanos or rather, the Marvel fan base. Yea, my friend was right, I did not notice it. I was concentrating on the mess they made of THE HULK!


The Infinity War was a good movie, despite the fact that the Hulk was poorly done. In Ragnarok , The Hulk took hammers to his face swung with the force of Thor, yet Thanos takes the Hulk down with a few punches? The fight between Hulk and Thanos should have been brutal and lasted a lot longer, but now I see what the director brothers were doing, setting up the Hulk and his fans for an even greater fall. Still, I liked Infinity War, I gave that scene a pass, because like so many Hulk fans, I thought WORLD WAR HULK was coming in Endgame. I then found out about Professor Hulk, another version of the Hulk in the comics that was still good, unlike what the Russo Brothers created on the screen. I said I would not do a review until both movies had played, and I never expected my blog to sport a political flavor, but as Rambo once said “they drew first blood”. So, The Infinity War was good standing alone, but like political correctness and directed stupidity ruined Endgame, so did it taint the art that came before it. How many true fans were waiting for this movie? All of the Marvel Movies, so well done, will forever be tainted by the memory of the Endgame tragedy. Now, true Marvel fans can mourn as did many DC fans have over what they thought was a less than viable Justice League cut. Marvel did not just ruin Infinity War and Endgame, they tainted every movie before them.


The Hulk as far as this fan was concerned, never appeared in Endgame. Instead, a shadow of what the Hulk was supposed to be made an entrance. This was not the Childlike Hulk, The World Breaker Hulk, World War Hulk, Joe Fix it Hulk, The Savage Hulk, The Immortal Hulk, and no, it was not the Professor Hulk in the comics either!  Honestly, I was looking for this poorly done work of animation to eventually be accompanied by a donkey sidekick! Hulk fans, at least sane ones, should be outraged by this representation of our beloved character! First, the animation was horrible, and I could not stand looking at Mark Ruffalo’s mug every time this goofy unshaven unkempt version was showed. I liked the old Leave it to Beaver show, but not in my Hulk! I know, I know, you can’t please everyone can you Russo Brothers? No you can’t, but how about pleasing the fans that MADE MARVEL WHAT IT IS!? Marvel would not exist if it were not for old school fans and Stan Lee. Stan Lee’s Hulk was no where in this Disney-Marvel freak show. I may go see this movie one more time just to see the political correctness that my female friend noticed, who by the way, was appalled by the Women’s Power statement. I go to the movies to escape this aggressive and WRONG progressive culture, and what do I get? More of the same.

This movie slapped down Hulk fans by the millions and has destroyed the greatness of one of Marvel’s best characters. Funny, when Disney bought Marvel, partnered with Marvel or whatever, a publication showed a picture of the Hulk on the cover with Mickey Mouse ears, well, after seeing Endgame this past Friday, they were not far off. So many fans were expecting a rematch with Thanos and The Hulk, but instead, we got the happy Muppet like Hulk. The Hulk was barely shown in the battle period! The Russo Brothers must hate the Hulk character, or maybe it’s a case of liberals just hating the ANGRY WHITE MAN? Look, they retired Captain America, made Thor fat and a drunk, killed off Iron Man and made the Hulk a joke.

The Hulk was cheated in all of Marvel’s movies as far as not showing the madder he gets, the stronger he gets. He was knocked out by the Hulk Buster in the First Avengers, and made to look like Thor would have beaten him in Ragnarok, he was easily defeated by Thanos in Infinity War, and I understand Thanos can defeat Hulk in the comics, but the World Breaker version of the Hulk would probably defeat Thanos, and the point is of course, even by what it looked like in Infinity War, that this was going to be the case. The Hulk is a Marvel character that has defeated the Avengers and other powerful characters all at the same time. In Secret Wars he held up a mountain range, and defeated Marvel’s Onslaught (google it) when no other hero could scratch him. The Hulk has had an impressive history in the comics and in animation, but it appears, that Marvel, Disney, The Russos, and at least one arrogant narcissistic actor, are all okay with erasing that history. Maybe they would like to look up statues of the Hulk and pull them over? All of the other characters got their crack at Thanos, but the Hulk, he was struggling to hold up part of a building, when he holds up mountains in the comics. Hulk heals faster than Wolverine, but they had his arm in a cast at the end of the movie.

Basically, Marvel just said they could careless about old school fans. This is the first time I am not looking forward to the bluray following a Marvel movie, nor am I looking forward to Spiderman now, even though I believe Spiderman movies are in the custody of Sony at the moment. I think the upcoming X-MEN movie was still in the custody of Fox when made, but I really don’t know. It would not surprise me though if Disney and Marvel rename the X-Men, X-Gender when they completely take over.


Progressive culture is suppressing free speech, altering our knowledge of history, trying to take away our right to self defense, while at the same time creating the monsters through their Godless agenda that misuse guns, bankrupting our society, advocating the right to snuff out babies even after they are born, and changing all moral codes in society. When the other side points out their bigotry and racism, they used to say they did not have the power to be racist. The truth is, they have all the power. They have corrupted our Courts, our Mainstream Media, our educational institutions and have nearly all of Hollywood and The Music Industry. Now, they have control over the infinity stones, and their snap has destroyed one of the greatest characters Marvel through Stan Lee ever created, THE HULK.

Nice Knowing you Marvel, for forty five years, guess I will see what DC is doing, at least SUPERMAN is still SUPERMAN in DC’s Universe.

Mark Damon

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  1. Gene

    Thank God,….. yes, that God , someone finally put into words exactly how I feel about how the hulk has been basically neutered in these movies. I grew up a hulk fan and have continued to be a fan for over 40 years. I couldn’t believe they let basically everyone in the movie hold their own against Thanos except the hulk. I have way more to gripe about than there’s room for on here, but thank you for standing up for the hulk, Lord knows he apparently needs all the help he can get.