On February 7, 2020 We were invited to Ken Ham’s ARK in Williamstown Kentucky, to see the Premier of an upcoming movie entitled, Patterns of Evidence, THE RED SEA MIRACLE. The movie was held in the beautifully and newly constructed Answers Center positioned near the ARK. Timothy Mahoney Directed this entertaining and extremely important movie. The movie will show in about 800 theaters or so, on February 18, 2020. The Second part to this movie, which I am anticipating, and have not yet seen, will be shown on May 5, 2020. The second movie is THE RED SEA MIRACLE II. If you are a Pastor and would like information on Church showings, go to Tickets are available on their website at


The movie explores the evidence concerning The Miracles at the Red Sea and is anything but one sided. It clearly explores both sides of the question and prompts the viewer to make up their own mind. The movie is well made and well thought out. At the end of the premier, I told the Director that this movie should be shown to Congress and Public Schools across the Country. Unfortunately, no one knows for sure, if such a showing would be challenged by groups like The ACLU and others, who would claim such a movie would violate The so called Separation of Church and State if showed in public forums. Anyone that reads this site should understand how I feel about this modern legal standard concerning that issue, and that this Separation is just that, a modern legal standard, and is historically wrong.

It is interesting to note though, that even under the modern definition of Separation of Church and State, there should be no progressive conflict over the movies showing in public schools, because the movie presents alternate opinions, hypothesis, and facts. I have retained a description of Science that my High School Science teacher once coined, and it is just as true today, as it was then. Science, is the “search for truth”. This is what this movie does, it presents both sides as it searches for truth, and therefore, the scientific method is upheld to the highest standard.

My Own Beliefs:

It was around 36 years ago now, that I started searching for truth. I had the many questions that we all have. Why are we here? When did we get here? Where did we come from? I also had many other questions concerning our History, God and the Universe. Those questions were answered for me in two ways. I heard an anointed preacher proclaim The Word of God, and I started researching America’s true rich history. I have concluded that we are here, to serve people, to test our compassion in regards to other living creatures and people, and to serve and forever exist with God at the end of our human lives.

The Bible:

In my quest for truth I have concluded that in context, The Bible is a Science book, a book of Perfect Relationships, a book of Sacred Covenants, of Geography, of Beginnings, of Love, of Friendship, and of Reward and Judgement. The Bible is without a doubt, a testament to not only every human flaw and nobility, but a tribute to the Scientific Method. It is the Truth. My search, is over. Are you still searching?

In this world of one sided propaganda and manipulation, I encourage Parents to introduce their kids on a trip to critical thinking and take them to see this movie. I encourage Pastors to show their congregations this movie so that their faith is naturally strengthened. I encourage Congress to view something that will improve their Spiritual diet, and maybe inspire them to return to The Men and Women that we all know they can be, meaning, that they seek wisdom like our early leaders, and not just education, something that seems to be of such a strong focus today.

I encourage people to visit the ARK and Creation Museum, so they can get an alternate version of our History in this world. Finally, I encourage Timothy Mahoney to keep moving full steam ahead with as many of these brilliant movies he can manage, and the Same goes to the magnificent work of Ken Ham, keep it up Gentlemen.

And Pray for the day, that GOD Shall Pour Out of His Spirit Upon All Flesh.