Publisher’s Statement

This site celebrates the First Amendment. I welcome all your comments and I will publish them under a few guidelines. First, there must be no profanity in your comments and that would apply to guest bloggers or anyone that becomes a guest blogger after an established relationship between us. If you cannot express yourself without a steady diet of four letter words than please go eat somewhere else. I practice integrity here and there is enough trash on TV, radio, newspapers, magazines, and coming out of politicians pie holes that I do not wish to produce it here. The founders did not have four letter words in the Declaration of Independence or the Constitution and Lincoln did not use curse words when he freed the slaves even though he may have had a few choice ones in mind. I really do not consider hell a curse word so have at it, if it applies to your responsive diatribe.

I also will not allow explicit sexual content. I’m sorry, Howard Stern does not work here. I started this site so that I could have a voice. Now, I have expanded that freedom to you. Unlike many radio talk show host, I will allow you to complete your statements until you reach your point. You know why? Because I am grounded in a belief system that is grounded in truth and power. This is not about making me look good as is the case with many talk radio host. Are you tired of trying to make a point and getting cut off just before you reach your point? Are you tired of trying to make a point and getting walked over by the louder talk radio host? Do you notice that callers bragging on talk radio host get to talk until they are finished and often get a free gift? Do you notice people with nothing to say seem to be their best callers? Yea, me too.

I am glad you are here. Feel free to strongly disagree with me. Shovel some sarcasm my way, I can handle it. Maybe you will agree with me! Great! Let’s spread the truth together!

A special thanks to my on-going Webmaster Christopher Michael who keeps the wheels and cogs of this machine oiled and running. Your are appreciated sir!