I hope Amy Coney Barrett can School Laurence Tribe, on why Nothing that is Constitutional, is Stupid.

Much of the World now knows, that President Trump has nominated Amy Coney Barrett, for the vacancy on The Supreme Court. This appears to be good for America in General, Christians possibly, and Conservatives and Traditionalists. In addition to the groups just mentioned, perhaps the greatest¬† thing about Trump’s pick, is that The Constitution is one step closer to being protected from radical ideologies and concepts, from leftist activists on the Court. Those that have followed Barrett’s time as a Judge, feel she will apply Constitutional arguments the way the Constitution intended, using History and The Founder’s writings as a guide, rather than World law, or just opinion based on ideological belief systems. Many Progressives tend to believe, that the Constitution is a living document, that can be interpreted according to the times we live in, but nothing could be further from the truth. For example, how does self defense become obsolete? How does Free Speech become obsolete? They do not, unless of course the intent is to change the Foundation of The Constitution itself, which in effect, voids The Constitution. The Founders actually created a finite document that can be advanced to a condition often referred to, as a living document, and the process is called Amendments. Amendments are often difficult, and require working as a thoughtful mass unit, this, is not popular with Progressives, because sometimes that process takes far too long for them. The Constitution does not compliment Progressives, it insults them, because it is in their way.¬† The Constitution is no more a living document as written, without Amendments, than The Bible, and The Bible, was in part, the inspiration for The Declaration of Independence, and Our Constitution.


Laurence Tribe, Scholar, and Harvard Law Professor, sums up perfectly just why, Amy Coney Barrett, should be the next Supreme Court Justice. He said, during a conversation with others on Fox News Sunday, that a lot of things Constitutional are stupid. This is actually how I believe, that many progressives feel about our document of Liberty. That’s it, in a nutshell. This is exactly why Lindsey Graham and Mitch McConnell, should offer the Democrats a hearing for Barrett, that gives them an hour or less to state their position. The Democratic Party today is part of the Resistance Movement, and that movement, is far more Vader than Jedi, a movement that holds views, that our Constitution is not so much a living document, but one that is completely outdated and obsolete. They view our Constitution with contempt, just as they do The Founding Fathers, Our Statues, Our Culture, and our Private Property, and apparently, our Right to Self Defense (Firearms) and our access to Police. To many Progressive Leaders, it is not The Constitution or The Bill of Rights that grant our freedoms, but whatever freedoms the left sees fit.


Show Host Chuck Todd appears to keep pushing the narrative, out of context of course, that Trump will not commit to a Peaceful Transfer of Power if Joe Biden wins the Presidency on Election Night. Most of us understand that Trump will leave peacefully if he loses, but, because there is so much mistrust in people today, and so much evidence for that position, that Trump has every intention of making sure he really lost, if he loses on Election Night. Every concept that media pushes is designed to deceive the voter throughout America. Why does Chuck Todd spend time on this narrative, but not what Hillary Clinton said, when she advised Joe Biden not to concede no matter what? It’s not just Hillary Clinton that is doing this on the left either, it’s a collective, like the voice in Star Trek’s Borg. Not only that, but four years later, the left is still fighting and complaining about the 2016 Election, with Proclaimations of “not my President” and “Never Trumper”. The Left is united in never conceding the 2016 Election.

After Chuck Todd’s spill, reports and conjecture, he moved on to an all star panel. One of the commentators, said that Trump had decided nominating the most ideological Judge, rather than like someone that had been nominated before under another Republican President, however, what is so ridiculous about such a statement, is that the only Justice Democrats would ever Nominate, is one that passed their smell test on Abortion and a host of other leftist positions. Just look at what Democrat leaders are talking about with this nominee, it’s not will she uphold The Constitution and The Bill of Rights, but will she uphold Abortion rights and The Affordable Heath Care Act. The commentator makes the Statement like there is no such concern for ideology on the democrat side. These News Programs dumb the People down, almost 100% of the time. It is so easy to wade through their utter nonsense.


  1. THE FIRST AMENDMENT: A. Define Hate Speech, and how such speech is relative, and is not ABOVE The First Amendment. B. Define Fist Amendment Protections of Protesters, and point out, how the left’s modern definition of protester, mean protected Disorderly Conduct, Looting, Assault, Robbery, Rape, and Murder to name a few and how those things are not Constitutionally Protected. Along the same lines, define Sedition and Treason. Also define Freedom of Religion and the free expression thereof, and how Governors and Mayors do not have the authority to suspend such protections.
  2. THE SECOND AMENDMENT: A. Define Protections in The Heller Decision, enhance Protections of The Second Amendment, define infringe, define weapons of War, define assault weapon, define most importantly, what were free men fighting in our Founder’s day, and what was that act called? (War). Define what the weapons should be called collectively then, under the act that our Founder’s were engaged in. Settle The Protections in The Second Amendment once and for all.

There are many other things that the left needs to be informed of, but it will take all of us to do so. we have reached a point where our Liberties are balanced on a cliff and they are about to fall, it’s time we pull those liberties in close to our hearts and save them. The Democrat Party has decided to oppose the Constitution, we must defend it period. Republicans: Do your duty and confirm Amy Coney Barrett at Warp Speed. Thank you.

Mark Damon







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  1. Alec Blaylock

    On the money Mark. Liked Democratics far more Vader than Jedi. Your right the left never conceded 2016 election why should we expect them to concede the 2020 election