Black Magic Democrats

Hillary Clinton, following her victory in New York, continues to bite and claw her way to the presidency, I just hope who ever may be her opponent, has a set Continue Reading

A Tribute to Martin Luther King Jr: Has King’s Dream become a Nightmare?

Martin Luther King presented his “I have a dream speech”, on August 28, 1963. I was not there, but I have read the speech. It was not only a good Continue Reading

Answering Donald Trump!

This past week, in the Wall Street Journal, Donald Trump authored an article entitled: Let Me Ask America a Question. Since I am a citizen of America, I will be Continue Reading

Calling all Parents and Respectable Businesses: Do You Know What LEO (Louisville Eccentric Observer) is Teaching your Children?

I made it clear from the moment I started this blog that I am a sinner. That confession is right there in my Foundations page. My life could actually cause Continue Reading