Hire You

This page will change from time to time depending on my needs. I really do not have employees, but anyone I need for any certain endeavor, shall be deemed an independent contractor.

WANTED: An Artist to draw and pencil a Super Hero character, that I created over two decades ago. 

What I need: I need someone who loves to draw and can draw well. I need someone who does not draw something that he or she sees and than copies it freehand in the same way that they saw it, but someone who can create a human form and other characters out of their imagination, with nothing else but pen or pencil and paper.

What I do not need: I do not need a story teller in regards to my characters, because that is my job. I will be the writer and you will be the Artist.

UPFRONT: We may be able to negotiate a small upfront fee for your initial involvement, but your real money shall be made in connection with the success of MY CHARACTER that you were hired to draw. Any financial gain that I achieve as a result of your artwork and my story, and any financial gain you receive, will be decided via contract between us, after we determine that you are right for the job, and can accomplish the work, according to my standards for the character. I must see examples of your work based upon what I ask you to draw. You maintain all rights to this sample artwork and I maintain and withhold details on my character at this point. This is a test of your skill, and you agree upfront, that there will be no charge for this qualification test of your ability.

If all of this sounds good to you, use the contact page to make your pitch!

Posted 02/10/2016. This post will remain, pending responses from readers, or until I find an outside source interested in this project.

Thank you,

Mark Damon