Of Politics, Seedy Powers and The Great Fire Breathing Dragon:

I have not been here for awhile. I have been resting in the sea of twitter fishes. I am trying to educate the People that live in what I think is a sea of misinformation and deception. Rush Limbaugh does not think very Highly of twitter, or so it would seem, but, I happen to believe that the hearts and minds of all People, are never a fruitless pursuit. If I change 20 people’s hearts and minds, and repair in some cases, what are decades of brainwashing by seedy powers, than it is all worth the effort, especially, if those 20 People, wake up 20 more from their slumber.

The Upcoming Election Has Renewed my Urgency to Blog

In the first Paragraph here, I explained that I have been swimming in the sea of twitter in search of hearts and minds. The same goes for the blogger’s ocean here. It is not just a statement, that this election, is the most crucial election in America’s history. The Dragon is no longer suspected of living in the lair, for we have finally seen the head of the Fire Breathing Serpent. That Serpent are the leaders and the lackeys in the Democratic Party. I have warned you many times in this blog’s history, that EVIL was accelerating and well, what do you think? read on- – –

I could spell out all of the evil that you and I have seen in 2020, but why do it here, we have all seen it have we not? Instead, I am just going to give you some things to chew on, things, to share with everyone you can. If you disagree with me, at least think about what I am writing here, just think, and always seek the truth, do not hold allegiance to anyone’s word, except to “The Word”, “The Word of God”.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Her Reported Dying Wish:

There are reports that Justice Ginsburg requested on her deathbed, that she wished that a new Supreme Court Justice not be nominated until the next President was elected. If we are to assume this is even true, because we are lied to by the Democratic Party Media each and every day, but if we go ahead and decide to believe it anyway, than we must remember some simple facts of past history and  recent history. We must remember that in The Heller Decision, that Ruth Bader Ginsburg was part of a dissenting voice, that believed THE SECOND AMENDMENT to The CONSTITUTION was simply not an individual right, meaning in short, you, me, your mom, your dad, your sister, your brother, your cousins and your friends, have no right to age old self defense.

Point 2: We must further remember, and it is very recent history, that it was the Democrat Party, a party Justice Ginsburg proudly aligned her politics with, that was all for defunding the Police and replacing them with social workers or maybe even the feds. No personal right to keep and bear arms, and no right to defense by local Police Forces, in other words, no self defense period.

I said all that to say this: First, I hope Ruth Bader Ginsburg is with our Lord and Savior, as only God knows her heart and her Soul, but I also hope, that the Democrat Party will respect her passing, and not continue to use her past position to press and bully us into their twisted ideologies. Watch this very carefully, and see if they do not try to shame some of the Cowardly Republican Senators.

Point 3: Justice Ginsburg should understand, that as a Justice, it is the Constitution that clearly grants President Trump to move forward with his chosen nominee. Once again, if Justice Ginsburg even said what they claim she did, and we buy their story, than her position is again like the Heller decision, far outside of our precious Constitution. The Constitution is owned by the People, not by any party, or any Justice.

Supreme Court Confirmation and The Presidential Debate:

Senator Lindsey Graham wants to be fair and give The Democrat Party Leaders their say about Trump’s Nominee, but, they have proven fairness is alien to them. They have yet to be fair to anyone in the other party, they have yet to be fair to a Conservative African American, or Conservative Woman, or even a Conservative Gay person. They are the party of unfairness. They are the party driving the vehicle in this acceleration of EVIL I saw coming and that is still accelerating. They have become the party of American flag haters, Anti Church, and the party that always embraces that which is immoral. They are the party that embraces anarchy, destruction and lawlessness. Lindsey Graham wants to be fair? Lindsey Graham would show not only fairness but Justice, in putting forth Trump’s nominee with a straight forward vote. Give them an hour, and make them beg for that! This is fairness to the Nominee and the American People. The Democrat Party is fostering Sedition, Socialism and Violence, all of which, are outside of our Constitution.

Well, this is related too. Let us all hope that Biden steps up to the debate podium with Trump, but will he? Can you think of possible excuses for why he will not? Will it be a Covid-19 concern that keeps him from debating, or maybe he refuses to debate Trump because he will claim that Trump’s decision to press forward with a Nominee, in defiance of the wishes of a Great Justice like Ruth Bader Ginsburg, was the last straw? Perhaps Biden will debate because he thinks (and he may be right) that Chris Wallace will carry it for him, and put the brakes on Trump? There is a lot ahead of us in 2020 America, and by the way, unfortunately, EVIL is still accelerating.

Mark Damon

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  1. Alec Blaylock

    Mark been waiting for your next post. See your still on top of the important issues. Especially liked point #3 , Justis Ginsburg should understand : Also the disregaurd of the 2nd amendment. Keep up the good work. Hope to hear from you soon.