America holds the key to slow the acceleration of evil on November 3rd. If America votes the wrong way, I believe evil will accelerate into a Juggernaut. No, I am not talking about that very powerful Marvel character based on that name, no, I am talking about an evil that does not just smash one opponent at a time, but a Juggernaut of evil that will cause a Super Acceleration of evil in America, that may in fact, affect the entire world before it is done.

Many People say that Joe Biden is not an extreme leftist, but I beg to differ. Anyone that does not stand straight and tall in defense of The Constitution fits the bill. The Democrat Party neither supports The Constitution as written or The Bill of Rights. I believe it was Barack Obama that called many of our Constitutional rights Negative Rights. This statement of Obama’s could not be more clear. Negative Rights can only mean he does not agree with them, does not like them or is against them. these Negative Rights are what Great Patriotic Americans call Constitutional Rights, or very Positive Rights.

This election is not about Safety and Security either if your vote is for The Democrats.  Remember America, it was in, and still is, in Democrat run cities where Democrat officials told the Police to stand down when it came to violent people within the protests and Resistance Movement. Then, it was a Democrat that actively prosecuted two individuals standing in their own yard with firearms, that had every legal right to do so, when protesters, as the media calls them, were reportedly threatening the couple and their property. It was a Democrat that ordered The Police to serve a warrant on these two individuals. On one hand then, when innocent citizens were having their businesses burned to the ground, and other citizens assaulted, and even others killed, the Party of Love, The Summer of Love, The Democrat Party, held The Police back via order. In both cases,The Democrat Party controlled The Police like they were private pawns, for their own evil and political purposes.

While The Democrat Party used The Police to enable violent rioters and people assaulting the public by ordering them to stand down, and by having the Police serve warrants on law abiding gun owners, they also belittled The Police and painted them all as racists. They further advanced a nationwide narrative threatening to Defund The Police. Now of course, none of this makes sense unless you know who most leaders in The Democrat Party are. You are a thing to them, a Commodity to be used at their slightest whim. The Police are a Commodity to them, Gays are a Commodity to them, African Americans are a Commodity to them, Women are a Commodity to them, Hispanics are a Commodity to them, and Conservative and Christian Whites are Commodities to them, in the sense that those groups are used to capture the other groups votes by painting them as racists, homophobes and Women haters.

The Socialists and Power Hungry Men and Women in the Democrat Party even view the Useful Idiots that assist them as Commodities to be cast aside, at any other date in the future that they see fit. There are examples of this that exist today, where liberals loyal to the Democrat Party, that slightly veered from the road of Hard Core Socialism, have been ardently attacked when they dare defend any Constitutional process that does not advance the socialist agenda. Jack Dorsey, who works as one of their lackey’s today, by censoring stories of Democrat corruption, will likely not be given a seat at their golden table once they achieve their unholy power. The Democrats are doing the same with illegal immigrants, they view them as cattle, not providing milk or meat, but serving up votes. Democrats though, will not reward these illegal immigrants with prosperity, no, they intend to deliver them slums and homelessness, or perhaps even conditions that they ran from in their own shattered countries.

As stated previously, The Democrat Party has already worked through social media lackeys, to limit your First Amendment Rights, and they previously have attempted to limit that right through law as well. Kamala Harris, according to her own words, plans to damage or completely destroy your Second Amendment Rights through Executive order, that means gun ownership will eventually be prohibited in America. It also means something even more evil though, that your right to Self Defense against criminals and anyone else bent on your destruction will be extremely difficult. Oh, but wait you say, Amy Coney Barrett was confirmed to The Supreme Court, that swings the advantage to The Conservatives, right? Wrong. Are Democrat leaders protecting the innocent in the streets of Democrat Cities?  Are Democrats respecting The Heller Decision across this Country that proclaimed The Right To Bear Arms an Individual Right? No, they are not. They have decided that you, their Commodity, must obey the law, but they have NO LAW to obey, as they have proven they think, they are, above it.

If you think that The Democrat Party, which includes the Major Media Outlets, do not think they are above the law, ponder this: If you are honest with yourself, you know you only hear about Republican Scandals, and stories where it involves Donald Trump. You also know that all or the majority of these stories turned out to be untrue, yet they still not only reported those stories, they ran with them for months and years. On the other hand, only key anchors at Fox are reporting corruption concerning Joe Biden. You also know as of yet, despite all of the investigations initiated by the DOJ , and others, and reported evidence thereof, that not one major indictment of a Democrat operative has occurred. It’s just as that great reporter Sara Carter stated, these people (meaning those being investigated for corruption) are not indicted or in jail, they are hired to speak on television, and are writing books. That may not be her exact words, but it’s close and she is 100% correct.

The First and Second Amendments are not the only Constitutional rights that are going to suffer under this newly Overt Democrat Party. The economy of this Country will soon become blighted and eventually collapse. You will eventually be hungry AMERICA and they will eventually take this nation into another great depression. In the meantime, gluttonous Democrat leaders will still be sipping on their wine and eating their designer ice-cream, all provided by what’s left of the working slave class. Remember, to them, your a Commodity, not a fellow human being. In Nazi Germany Hitler marched through Germany and other Countries with his hard core socialist SS pushing his evil agenda. The Jewish People became a disposable Commodity. Am I saying The Democrat Party leaders have embraced beliefs like Hitler? The Democrat Party have embraced evil, I know that to be a fact. I also know that they view people as Commodities, all of us, including their voters, and unless you are at their elite table, that is what you are.

l will leave you with these few things America:

I believe God has viewed among all of the evil within our nation two events. I will not elaborate on those events right now as it would take away from the theme of this post. I will say this much though, that the events that occurred had two opposite effects. One event, I personally believe, Mocked GOD. The event involved American leaders Mocking God. The Second event involved an American leader (Donald Trump) that according to scripture, was due a blessing from God. I do not know if this blessing should come as a personal one, or a collective one, only God knows. I do suspect, that because of who it was, we are due a collective blessing. Having said that, mocking God is extremely dangerous. Is it possible, because of God’s promise to Judge and Bless, that he is leaving this one up to us, in the election on November 3rd?

Remember Black America, Joe Biden said if you don’t vote for him, you ain’t black.

Remember Black America, to true Conservatives and Christians, you ain’t any color, we are one race, one blood, one family. We love all People, you are not a Commodity to us like you are with Democrat leaders, you are fellow human beings, we judge, by character, we look, at the heart.

So, there it is America, so much more could be said, but instead, I will ask you to pray to God for direction. What if I do not believe in God you say? Well, then try looking at the warnings of history. When you were a little boy or girl, you often knew right from wrong, go there now, and search your heart.

A vote to accelerate evil even faster (remember God does not like being mocked) for The Democrat Party, or a vote for a Party, and more certainly, a President, that has upheld his promises. That President is Donald Trump.

Get everyone you know to vote freedom this November 3rd, 2020.

God Bless America,

Mark Damon.





  1. Christopher Michael

    As the hope of peace, prosperity, and a returning to the foundation of our PROTESTANT-FOUNDED nation are placed in the elephant or donkey, it is the faithfulness of that elephant or donkey to the Lamb that determines our blessing or judgement. That Lamb is the King of Jerusalem, Savior of the world, the Risen Lord Jesus Christ. May all born again believers come to true repentance that the Lord may hear our prayers to set back the mystery of iniquity that is working in all facets of government, media, and academia.

    And may those who know not God, know and learn true history, and the founding of America that was based on the King James Bible of 1611. An undeniable fact indeed. Our three branches of government were modeled after this book.

    Isaiah 33:22 (KJV) For the LORD is our judge, the LORD is our lawgiver, the LORD is our king; he will save us.