The Biblical Constitution calls Election 2020 for Donald J. Trump

Yep, that’s right, it’s time somebody called the election right, I mean, at least officially. Much, maybe all of the American Politburo, refuses to acknowledge the enormous amount of evidence that has been brought forward in regards to election fraud. Witnesses submitting sworn affidavits and testimony are dismissed, or perhaps not even acknowledged, by the Democrat Party Politburo, aka the drive by media by Rush Limbaugh, and the dinosaur media by some other political commentators. Those names may be amusing and fun, but they do not get close in describing who these people have become. The American Politburo is the closest name that really describes who we are dealing with.

As an American, I will not like a Joe Biden/Kamala Harris Presidency, for many reasons, but, if I felt they were elected legally and legitimately, I would never call this election for Donald Trump. I believe that there was massive fraud for several reasons. Let’s examine some of those reasons:

  1. The most important reason begins with evidence, and despite what the A. P. says, there is much evidence of fraud. There are a large number of signed affidavits from people that have alleged various activities, that would have voided or affected many votes both legally and in regards to vote totals.
  2. There are people that also allege, that the voting machines used are tainted and corrupted.
  3. In the States where voting continued after a shut down, this in itself is an unacceptable exercise.
  4. We The People should suspect fraud anyway, due to what Democrat Party leaders said before the election about how the mail in ballots would end up counting for Biden, for such  a statement, is either conjecture, or knowledge of a diabolic plot to steal massive amounts of votes or to create votes, that do not exist. There is no reason to expect conjecture here.
  5. Democrat leaders across this Nation showed millions of us, that Looting, Arson, Assault, and even Murder of Police Officers, meant nothing to them. Many Democrat Leaders, and their Propaganda arm in The American Politburo, mostly dismissed the violence and property destruction, and one local Democrat Leader referred to all of the Mayhem as “The Summer of Love”.
  6.  Covid-19 was used to condition people to stay at home during the election, it was used during the election by corrupt poll workers (according to the witnesses above) and it is being used now to deflect attention from the on-going efforts of Trump’s legal team, and for the plethora of witnesses coming forward. Despite the reality that Covid-19 is a real virus, it has been given larger than life status because of it’s role in control of the American People and the defeat of Trump. This is not the first time a life taking virus has been used for political purposes, they did it in the 80’s with Aids (HIV). HIV was used for a much different political agenda, but never the less, it was used by the left to advance culture changing goals.

The Judges that have dismissed these cases do so in great error in the least, or they are part of the AP (American Politburo). The number of witnesses that have come forward, and the scenarios described, deserve a much needed examination in the courts, and there is absolutely no reason why these Judges should not be hearing these cases. The Republican Legislatures should use all of their Constitutional authority to stop not only election fraud, but this complete and utter attack on our U.S. Constitution and our Republic. Other leaders that care about the validity of our elections, the Security of our Republic, and the Freedom of the American People, should step up and say, no way! They should do everything in their power to help expose this tyrannical act against The People, and they should start doing it now.

In my last blog I wrote that America has a chance to throw up a roadblock to evil, or help it in it’s acceleration. America, threw up that roadblock, but the evil slipped through, and now it falls to our leaders. Our legislatures, Senators, Representatives, Judges, and our Supreme Court, must step up to patch the gate, where the evil slipped in. If they don’t, what power the People have retained in these  200 years plus, will soon be lost forever.

I am calling on good Men and Women in Power to step up, expose this fraud, and call the election for the real winner. Remember, your riches are not promised and evil can depart them from your possession. You owe the People for your prosperity, but more than that, you owe GOD for the incredible blessings you have because of this great Country.

Finally, two last things: We are being told, even by AG Barr, that there is no evidence of Widespread Fraud. Well, listen, that’s a nice play on words, but we are not looking at widespread fraud, we are looking at MASSIVE CONCENTRATED FRAUD, in a number of key States.

To The Church and Luke Warm Christians: God has given you a way to Eternal Life, and he has blessed you with freedom and a Great Country, but I am sorry, what have you done to stop what is going on now? I hear many of you say that God had a hand in electing Trump, so he will turn this around. Really? Okay, what have you done to accelerate God’s word in these last four years? Why do you think America is still owed blessing by God? Not only are millions murdered through Abortion, but now, they can do it after the baby is born. Does God owe us blessing or Judgement? I believe Christians can display arrogance and pride. If you are Christian, you know what God’s Word says about pride, or you should, but I realize many Churches do not engage in a lot of hard preaching today, not a lot of good music either, but I guess that’s just my opinion.

Furthermore, I have heard many people say, that America is under Judgement with The Covid-19 Virus. No, I think that’s been more of a Judgement of the left, both in origin, and in the implementation of the edicts following it’s introduction into our Nation. If God either Judges America or allows it because of Pandemic Sin, you will know it in your heart, soul, and in the lack of the fruits you do not possess. Christians should help our leaders by constant prayer, by calling our leaders to ask them to act against this fraud, and by telling others of the fraud.

In closing:

To Quote most of the Covid-19 people, that tell us we are all in this together, while they dine without masks with their wealthy friends, while they act or exist on the wealth of their previous profession, or they proclaim the warnings to us while not receiving one interruption in their fat paychecks, or their administrative medical paychecks, or their media paychecks, or choose the messenger of doom of your choice, but check to see, if we are really in this together. Do these messengers of Covid Doom have plenty of money or maybe just receiving a weekly or biweekly check?  Ah but forgive them, because many of them have been brainwashed by the AP. (American Politburo).

I will use their quote, but in a different context. To the Patriots, to the 70 Million Plus Trump voters, to Patriotic Leaders, to Patriotic Judges, Congress Men and Women, Senators, Moral Hollywood Actors (There are some) Patriotic Journalists and Commentators, Christians, The Religious World, Conservatives, Republicans, and yes, Patriotic Democrats, to Patriotic Educators, and The Common Shift Worker, to all Good Police Officers, FBI Agents, and other good public and private law enforcement, and of course our brave Military Men and Women, and any one else that I forgot. We should not move on as the subversives suggest, we should demand that this alleged voter fraud be investigated to the height of exhaustion, and if Trump won, and we believe he did, reverse the evil of The American Politburo and the Party for whom they have called a fraudulent election for.


Mark Damon


One Reply to “The Biblical Constitution calls Election 2020 for Donald J. Trump”

  1. Alec Blaylock

    In the above blog dated December 6th, there is a long list of indisputable evidence how the election is being stolen from President Trump. With the Democratic party, MSM, Republican swamp dwellers backing every evil occurence in America this year. Then the phrase if it walks, quacks like a duck, it’s a duck