I am a sinner and there is not one person anywhere in the world that does not fit that descriptive. I marvel at people that I see almost on a daily basis, that judge people like they stand high above them. The truth is that according to the Bible, we are all in a fallen, flawed, sinful state. The Bible says without quoting verbatim that if you are angry in your heart at someone, that it is the same or similar to murder. The Bible says if you look at a Woman with lust in your heart, that it is as the sin of adultery. My point is simple. For those of you standing for what is right, keep doing so, because the whole world has skeletons in their closets. There are those people that will point out your flaws when you stand for our Constitution, our God related foundations or our traditional institutions.

These people attack imperfect preachers, imperfect politicians, imperfect commentators and name your flavor of person. They do this because they want to keep you silent. Think for a moment if someone was able to do this with our imperfect Founding Fathers, Moses, or Abraham Lincoln. The American Nation would most likely have never been born, Hebrew slaves would have enjoyed maybe longer tyranny or a complete distortion to the fabric of reality may have occurred, and Black Americans may have suffered a darker fate than that which was eventually liberty and equality.

The stance for our values must be steadfast and unrelenting strength. We must stand for God so he will stand for ALL the people in America. Our sins and flaws are insignificant because our accusers suffer from the same condition. For those of you grounded in God’s word or the convictions of your traditional values, your traditional American values, FEAR THEM NOT, instead put on the whole Armour of God, the shinning suit of your liberty, or simply the love of your Country or Family. America was not born out of fear, but courage strength and allegiance to principles and an understanding that God was the lighthouse and gateway to truth.

Welcome to this blog site. A blog site that will introduce you to Truth, Courage, Love, Honor and Courtesy. Our Founding Fathers despite their sin nature, crafted a Nation like few others in history. This Nation not only has been a light for freedom here in America, but has promoted liberty around the world. This Nation was born because of a loving creator and the Founder’s steadfast endurance to show reverence for the creator’s word. Welcome to the blog site although secular in presentation, uses the same formula as our Founder’s did.

This is not a Christian blog site but it uses a word covenant with God as a foundation for all truth. The Bible explains history, science, the human condition, health, and the future of people and the planet. It is a book of Astronomy, a book of moral absolutes and man’s inhumanity to man. It is a book of poetry and the first book of truth and the last book of truth. The Bible is a guide book to everlasting death as well as everlasting life. The Bible is the word of God, Our Founder’s embraced God’s word and so will I.

The Bible promotes the truth and liberty. If you look into it as I have, it allows all sinners to sin as they will, (unlike what you may have been told) and it provides a never ending reward for those who accept Jesus Christ and reject their sin nature, not contending you will then never sin, but giving you a way to avoid the Biblical penalty of sin which is eternal death. Atheism puts man above everything else and you become subject to anyone’s subjective morality. This morality changes with elections, appointments, and public opinion. It is a morality born of pride, lust, greed, and other human flaws. This is the reason for the Founder’s word covenant with God for the foundation of America, and why I embrace that covenant here.

I will be STRONG when you are WRONG and you may get sarcasm in return when you attack prayer, God, my Country, and traditional values. I will correct you when you try to split the races and make people hate under your false banners of truth, but I will respond with real truth and power and expose the plethora of change agents trying to rewrite history in order to swell their power, their position and their pocketbook.

I will show you courtesy but will defend what America was and should be again before it’s too late, and I will do so with ardent power. I challenge any statesman, politician, commentator, anchor, scientist or any other thinker to an open debate at anytime. If your position opposes the foundation I present here and you think you can make a fool of me and my principles, than so be it. I promise you though, it is you sir, or you madam, that will lose the debate. A word covenant based upon God’s word will never be breached by simple, miserable, naked, human wisdom.

This is the Foundation for all things in this blog. In other words, honesty and biblical wisdom is my policy.

Mark Damon