Upcoming Posts

Book review: The Silencing, How The Left Is Killing Free Speech-Kirsten Powers(Published 3/16/16)

Also soon: Guns and Self Defense: Parts 1-6. (Coming as Soon as Possible)

A tribute to Martin Luther King Jr: Has King’s Dream Become A Nightmare?(Published 4/26/16)

A special political parody. (No Fly List, Published 12/15/2015)

The Folly of Evolution.(Coming as Soon as Possible)

GOD’S ARK of SAFETY (Video and Blog) Coming Soon! Don’t Miss it!

Current events may delay upcoming posts. It is really hard to catch up, everyday, someone, somewhere, is attacking a traditional American or Christian value, and some of the up-coming blogs contain video planning, so this delays the creation of the presentation. (4/12/16 MD)