ABC News, Disney, President Trump, and the First Amendment.

During the Presidential election campaign, an ABC commentator stated that Trump’s statement regarding acceptance of the election outcome was dangerous. Following that statement, we have seen every trick in the universe, from multiple sources, try and hamper Trump’s promised agenda. Protesters have prevented conservatives from speaking, have damaged property during protests, that seem to be never ending, Hollywood has tried to influence electors, and other stars called for Martial law and a Military Coup to unseat the President. We have seen the 9th Circuit backing another federal Judge, in an effort to undermine President Trump’s travel ban, even though it is clearly supported by law. Saturday night live and other comedians have had a field day with this President, and the list goes on and on and on. Donald Trump through all of this, has maintained his spine of steel.

Today, during President Trump’s press conference, the media had the gall to suggest that President Trump was undermining the First Amendment by calling news reports fake.

Tonight, I signed up with ABC News to comment on the controversies of the day. I entered all of the proper information, and started commenting on the issues. I authored various comments and then, I responded to another post. This individual was clearly anti-Trump and suggested that his supporters would burn in hell. I responded by using Hell as my heading with a question mark. I then proceeded to make light of this alleged democrat that had suggested that Trump supporters would go to hell, while pointing out that democrats were trying to place biological Men in Women’s restrooms. Although, I had already entered various comments, I suddenly found myself banned from commenting, with instructions on how to find out why. I never discovered why, but I think I know.

I dared utter negative comments about one of the left’s sacred covenants, that of Abortion, or in this case Transgenderism. I began to wonder further why I was banned. I did not know what group of companies ABC was associated with, and then I found it. Unless my information is incorrect, ABC is associated with Disney. Is it not Disney that had the Gay pride day at the world famous children’s theme park? Anyway, no reason for me to be banned. I see strong opinions across the board on the Fox opinion sites and I have not seen any random banning for First Amendment thought. ABC is welcome to leave comments here in regards to why I was banned, or their version of why I was banned, and I will publish their response right here. I believe I was banned because I crossed the politically incorrect line. No one will convince me otherwise.  I don’t expect to hear from ABC or Disney.

This is the media elite and what they think of the First Amendment.

I have been a Marvel Comics fan for forty years. I wish they would have never partnered, or sold any of their property rights to Disney. I wish they would buy all of their rights back, or at least try and do so.

I am no longer interested in commenting on ABC News or Disney sites at this point, and have in fact, deleted my fresh account with them. I will save my comments for real news networks and sites that celebrate the First Amendment for all Americans, instead of just for their progressive brethren or politically correct republicans like John McCain. It’s just ironic on a day where the media is chastising President Trump about First Amendment dangers, I get canned for mentioning an issue that is one of the left’s holy sacraments.

Mr. President, great News conference, great job, thank you for standing up for the people of the United States, and Donald, stay the course, you have your voters support!!

Mark Damon


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