Countenance Matters: Looking at Hillary Clinton

The D.N.C. is over. Hillary Clinton has made her pitch to the American people. The Democratic National Convention was quite a show of smoke and mirrors. The celebrities did their best to try and woo you to the democratic voting booth. I guess that’s what political conventions do, I just wish honesty and reality were a part of the show. A lot of movies today depend on special effects instead of a good story, and that’s really unfortunate, because there is nothing better than a movie with a good story. With Hillary, there’s a great story, but few on the democratic side are willing to tell it. We did get however, plenty of special effects at the D.N.C.

Since special effects were so much a part of the D.N.C.’s little show, I have decided to add a few special features that some of you may have missed.

An Easter Egg:

September 11, 2001: I remember when Evangelist Billy Graham addressed the evil of 911, and I remember the camera panning throughout the audience. The camera panned to Bill and Hillary Clinton. I have never been a great fan of Bill Clinton, but when the camera touched his face, I saw nothing unusual. I remember thinking okay, he seems respectful to Reverend Graham. I then looked at Hillary and saw the SPECIAL EFFECT. I remember recoiling after looking at her countenance.There was nothing in that camera shot that even remotely reminded me of benevolence. I felt I was looking at a person wrought with a conniving malevolence.

I searched the Billy Graham speech today in regards to the evil of 911, and I am nearly positive as to that speech being the origin of Hillary’s camera shot, because I remember Graham mentioning the mystery of evil. In all the searches I conducted, I could only find video of Grahams speech, and no panning of the audience. I remember that shot of Hillary like yesterday though, because I thought her expression was chilling, especially, since she was listening to a great man like Evangelist Billy Graham.

The sequel at the 2016 D.N.C.

I followed much of the D.N.C.’s four days. On Halloween night (figuratively speaking of course), Hillary Clinton gave her speech and the mask she displayed on the D.N.C’s last night, was the same mask I saw at Reverend Graham’s speech following 911. Hillary Clinton’s countenance does not change; regardless of what she may be talking about. It could be me and me alone, but I do not see Chelsea’s heart full of love in Hillary Clinton, I see Malevolence.

The D.N.C was a circus sideshow and Hillary was the ringmaster. I hope America votes carefully, because truly, evil is wearing America down.

Mark Damon


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