Boxing Barbara.

Democratic Senator Barbara Boxer wants to scrap another brilliant tool of the Founding Fathers. She has apparently introduced a lame duck bill to abolish the Electoral College. Senator Boxer, along Continue Reading

God’s Ark of Safety Part 1: The Election Storm.

I want to start this sermon by saying that I am not a minister, but for this election I must act in the capacity of one, because too many ministers Continue Reading

The Eighth Day of Halloween has Russia, 17 Intelligence Sources, and the A.B.C s of Deception.

ABC News and the National Mask: The most ardent hosts of our national Halloween party is the mainstream national media. Yes, they have some of the most convincing costumes. So Continue Reading

I hope Rush Limbaugh fails, If- – – –

My mission is to bring to my readers, and to my viewers, when it comes to my up-coming videos (those videos that are not parodies or the search for Cryptids), Continue Reading

Calling all Parents and Respectable Businesses: Do You Know What LEO (Louisville Eccentric Observer) is Teaching your Children?

I made it clear from the moment I started this blog that I am a sinner. That confession is right there in my Foundations page. My life could actually cause Continue Reading


The attributes of a hero are often courage, honesty, courtesy and charity. The foundation that is Kirsten Powers new book, reveals all of those characteristics. I don’t believe that every Continue Reading

Obama Administration Releases Santa Claus From Prison, Following Public Service Message, Agreement To Pay Restitution To Injured Couple, And The Surrender Of Millions Of Toy Guns.

It appears the Christmas Eve tradition of Santa and his flying reindeer will continue as always. In a surprise move, The Obama administration has ordered a full pardon for the Continue Reading

The New York Daily News Gives Us A Glimpse into President Obama’s No Fly List AKA No Gun List!

President Barack Obama asked the following question following the terrorist attack in California. He asked, “What could possibly be the argument for allowing a terrorist suspect to buy a semiautomatic Continue Reading