When the Founding Fathers fought the battles for Independence, they did not view prayers to GOD as meaningless platitudes. The Founders used two things in the endeavor for American freedom and those two things were guns and many prayers to God. Apparently, your publication believes we need neither guns or God in our contemporary culture. You also reveal your gross ignorance as a news source when you contend that GOD ISN’T FIXING THIS.

I am writing to set the record straight. GOD certainly does not need me to defend him, but I am sure he is pleased when people do so. The Founders endorsed the word of GOD in the creation of our government by adding reference to him in the Constitution and by going further in our Declaration of Independence. Even though our Constitution is a secular document; the very first Amendment to it illustrates how important GOD was to the Founders. No one can look at only the year of our Lord and determine the value of God to them anymore than the Supreme court makes decisions on one aspect of a case. You must look at their writings, our documents and their documented prayers in battle and I have done that. This was a nation under GOD.

I am convinced we became the greatest power on the face of the earth because of the Founder’s word covenant with GOD. This covenant began us down a journey of prosperity, an end to slavery and a hardy welcome to a diverse group of people that would end up proudly calling themselves Americans.

Although the Founders are called racists by many in the American left, the Constitution the Founders crafted, based on that word covenant with GOD, accelerated a movement by ministers and others, both white and black, that ended slavery in a century. When one considers that the institution of slavery is as old as mankind, you begin to understand what a miracle America was. Slavery then; like abortion today, was a cultural norm and like today, there were people who did not agree with it but could do very little about it. The vestiges of slavery would manifest its ugliness for years to come in the form of true racism and inequality, but this was because of man’s sin nature and not because of any failure of GOD or the Founding Fathers.

I pointed these things out first because in my opinion your whole worldview as a publication is warped.The writers and editors of your publication clearly do not understand the price we paid for freedom in the founding of this country, the God we served and the vital importance of access to arms. Instead of reverence for GOD, your publication mocks GOD, just like five justices on the Supreme Court did on June 26, 2015.

GOD forgives people for sin if they bring those sins to him through Jesus Christ, but GOD judges nations that create national sin policies and fail to repent of those sins. Prayers to GOD for help and mercy must first be tendered with repentance, otherwise GOD has other acts and judgements he sets in motion. GOD can do a number of things to punish a sinful nation. GOD can remove his hand of blessing and protection when he is forgotten. GOD can administer a curse according to his word or GOD can directly judge a nation as his words reveal all through the Bible.

I think it is important to provide contrast between how the Founders paid tribute to GOD and how modern leaders pay tribute to GOD. The America that trusted in GOD has passed and has been replaced with an America that believes in folly. The Founders praised GOD and JESUS CHRIST in their writings and contemporary leaders hold GOD in contempt. The Founders had reverence for prayer through out the public sector, reverence for the Bible as an educational tool in the public schools, reverence for the Ten Commandments and reverence for GOD’S holy institutions and laws. Modern leaders have consistently violated the American word covenant with GOD by removing his Commandments from schools across this nation, by removing his word from across the nation, and by even banning the mention of his name in many places!

America has adopted an unrepentant list of national sins. These sins are condoned and protected, blessed and praised, by many current leaders and they are the law of the land. Our national sin policies or endorsed sins are: Rejection of GOD, Abortion, Gay marriage and rampant government condoned gambling to name many of the sins our government has endorsed. The problem with nations who make sins legal ethics, is that this seriously violates GOD’S principles of conduct in regards to nations. All of the things listed above are sins but one is considered an abomination and one I believe mocks GOD.

It should be obvious why abortion is a sin to GOD and I also believe it is a sin against GOD because GOD created all life. I believe Gay marriage is particularly horrible to GOD for two reasons. GOD calls homosexuality an abomination in his word (Leviticus 18:22) and GOD created marriage as between one man and one woman and that’s not all. If marriage between a man and a woman is biblically traditional, with no other partners in their past before their vows to each other, the consummation or act of it becomes a covenant. Actually; a blood covenant. I believe this may be one of the many things that proves GOD’S existence and the sacrifice Christ made on the cross!

There is another warning that GOD gives nations and if any nation ignores this warning and does this particular act or series of acts, GOD will curse that nation that engages in that act. A nation that stands against ISRAEL stands against GOD. “And I will bless them that bless thee, and curse him that curseth thee, and in thee shall all families of the earth be blessed” (Genesis 12:3).

The current administration has betrayed ISRAEL with the Iran nuclear deal and has displayed lukewarm affection on other occasions and in fact, the Iran deal betrayed America as well.

Now, why would GOD solve our national problems when we have said good bye to him, violated all his commands and ordinances and rejected the savior Jesus Christ? I believe GOD may be acting according to his word in this present world. The following scriptures outline how GOD deals with unrepentant sin.


Although one of these verses refers specifically to historic biblical events like the tower of babel, these verses explain what is happening today. GOD has given this nation over to sin and has accelerated it by removing any restraint (Genesis 11:6). GOD has given many people over to a reprobate mind and they are in fact oblivious to that which is good and evil (Romans 1:28) GOD furthermore illustrates the condition that some people are in spiritually by pointing out that self proclaimed intellectuals are actually fools without the truth of GOD (Romans 1:22)

There you have it New York Daily News. Do you fit that profile? We are losing this Nation and Guns are not the problem, our soulless nation is the problem. We have rejected GOD, our word covenant with GOD, our Founder’s warnings about losing morality, and even our common sense. America is in the most dangerous period in history, far more dangerous than when we separated from the King. We the people had GOD’S blessings in battle, GOD’S blessing during the signing of the Constitution and GOD’S blessings for nearly 200 years. Now, I believe we are seeing the dawning of GOD’S judgements or at least the loss of his divine protection.

There is one hope. Everyone that reads this pray to GOD with repentance and ask for forgiveness for our sins not only as individuals, but as a nation. One more thing: Pray to GOD through JESUS CHRIST and ask that he pour out his holy spirit upon all flesh. “And it shall come to pass afterward, that I will pour out my spirit upon all flesh”—(Acts 2:17).

In closing, let me just say this to the New York Daily News and all others who think GOD is not fixing this gun problem. GOD is allowing a whole country of sinners to fix all of our own problems without him, so he can show us we need him.

Mark Damon

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