Guns and Self Defense: Preview of an Election Special.

With the up-coming election around the corner, America is going to need a large dose of the truth concerning the Second Amendment, guns in general, related violence, and just how that related violence, is in part, the result of actions taken, by some of the very people, that would take your right of self defense, and toss it in the garbage. I am a dealer in truth, not ideology, and I hope this fact is revealed in this up-coming six part series. Pardon the pun, but you and yours, need to be armed with the truth.

You may read about some of the same arguments concerning gun ownership in my piece, but I am very confident, that you will read things you did not know. I want you to think on your own as you read these series of articles, and to meditate on the truths that I bring to your eyes, and to your hearts. I will not have any need to direct your thinking, because the truth reveals itself when presented, and I promise, you will see no spinning of meaningless rhetoric.

I call this an election special, because several conditions exist in this election, that could very easily destroy the Second Amendment to the Constitution, in a way that could criminalize armed self defense, and gun ownership. All that is required to endanger the right to keep and bear arms, and self defense, is for Obama, Clinton, or Trump, to add one more King or Queen to the Supreme Court, and disaster is sure to follow. We have at least four members of the royal family now, and they have already ruled once, that the Second Amendment does not apply to individuals. There were five Justices before, that stopped the Kings and Queens, in their tracks, but one great Justice has died, giving the nominators of Kings and Queens, a chance to fulfill their royal proclivities.

Hillary wants gun control. Donald Trump has wanted it before, and Obama still has a shot to nominate a progressive King or Queen, if the republican leadership caves in their commitment, to halt Obama’s pick of a King or Queen, before the next election. If you are wondering if I am ignorant in calling progressive Justices, Kings and Queens, I’m not, I am in fact, spot on. They do not interpret law, they create it at will, and ignore the truth that is there before them. These Kings and Queens, are engaged in dangerous Constitutional games, and we are becoming the constant losers, when they decide to play!

We will likely suffer no Constitutional danger on any front, if Ted Cruz somehow gets the nomination, and is then elected President, because he believes in the Constitution, but Trump’s positions, or his proclivity to switch directions, could endanger all of our rights.

The Second Amendment is up for grabs, but I am hoping that this series will awaken many of you, to the great dangers and various threats, to our God given natural right of self defense.

Look for it, read it, then go to the mountain tops, and yell until your representative hears your voice, and let them know, your right to self defense, is not up for a vote!

God Bless America,

Mark Damon