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My First Segment I Call Going Home…


I have lived in Louisville for many years and have been a fan of Marvel Comics for most of my life. When you made the comment about Kim Davis and people like her, wielding their crucifixes like pitchforks, you soiled both my former state of residence and the X-Men movies I thoroughly enjoy. I’m sorry Kim Davis makes you feel embarrassed to come from Kentucky. I am embarrassed that Louisville leaders have graced a building in my hometown with your image. You have a knack for saying what you feel, well hey, me too.

Even though I live elsewhere now, I’ve got some fighting Kentuckian left in me. So hear this Jennifer Lawrence: No one is wielding crucifixes like pitchforks. They are simply standing up for what they believe. It’s called America, you know, the country that made you rich?

Furthermore, it is people like you, in my opinion, that suck all the blessings out of our country, a country mostly created by people with beliefs far closer to Kim Davis than beliefs such as your own. In fact, prominent actors and actresses like you wield influence they’ve received via their blessings, like stakes to be used against people of faith and traditional values like the vampire hunters of old. You should be thankful for the beliefs that Kim Davis holds, because those values come from the word of God. A belief that encouraged people of faith to form America. Once again, the country that made you rich.

Kentucky has a rich history of great people from Abraham Lincoln to Daniel Boone. I’d rather be able to go back in time and view one of their muddy footprints, than to sit across a dinner table with the likes of you. In my opinion, you’re just another spoiled brat.

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