Scientists Confirm Rat larger than the famed Rodent Capybara!

Scientists have discovered an enormous Rat living in Seattle, that is at least twice the size of the largest known rodent, the Capybara. The human like rodent was discovered in a federal court room just a few days ago. Scientists say this rat is particularly dangerous, because it is spreading a virus that threatens to destroy our Constitution by undermining the separation of powers therein. The common name given to this rodent is “Robart’s Rat”, also known by it’s scientific designation, Progressificonicus Hypacriticus. Scientists are working on controlling this large rouge by introducing a group of human like creatures from the 9th swamp of San Francisco. Apparently, they have discovered that this group of human like animals have the ability to control this very large Rat. Some scientists are skeptical though, claiming that only three of these specialized creatures can be counted on to deter this large rouge rat. In fact, some scientists believe that at least two of these creatures may be rodents in the Progressificonicus Hypacriticus class as well, and may not even bother to deter Robart’s Rat. The American people are watching closely, to see just how many rats are in the judicial swamp!

The preceding story was obvious satire, but the gravity of this situation is dire. I believe that U.S. District Judge James Robart’s decision to halt President Trump’s Travel Ban was not only wrong and out of order, but the Judge should have refused to entertain the issue based on Constitutional law, and to uphold the integrity of the separation of powers, and if nothing else, to embrace the national security for the people of the United States. Legal immigrants is not at issue here, nor is a religious test, because they do not apply here under the Constitution. If we were dealing with an ultra violent sect of people from seven nations that believed in attacking and eating people based on their religious beliefs, would we allow them to infiltrate the U.S. from seven such countries? I think that many progressives probably would, after all, they are all for allowing people in that celebrate the rape of Women, the dehumanizing of Women, and the stoning of Women. These people that progressives often dismiss, find joy in torturing others by burning them alive, cutting their heads off and drowning them, and that’s just a few of the ways they murder, rape and rob people of their dignity. No, I am not talking about good Muslims, I am talking about the people sneaking in pretending to be good Muslims.

Donald Trump has every right to do this, and not just based on court decisions based in the 50s or 60s, but Trump’s right stems from the separation of powers in the Constitution that date back to our founding. Trump has the right to do this at least with people that have never entered our Country, because those foreign citizens are not covered by the Constitution in any way. No Constitutional Protections, No Judicial interference with the Commander in Chief, period. Also, Trump’s power extends enormously to non-citizens that are already here, it’s all in the law, and Judge Robart flatly ignored it.

If the 9th U.S. Court of Appeals in San Francisco upholds this ruling by Judge Robart, then it will be a sad day for our Constitution indeed. I do not pretend to know what Trump will do if the 9th Circuit rules against him, but some say it will probably end up in the Supreme Court. I really don’t know what could be done beyond that, unless Trump maintains that these rulings are simply violations of the law, and undermine the security of our Constitution itself. I will tell you this my fellow Americans: If these Judges and Courts rule against national security under a False Constitutional Premise, then they should be held accountable as co-conspirators, in the event proof is presented in the future, that enemies of the United States entered under the unlawful and ideological rulings at the hands of these Judges, and then proceeded to harm American citizens. No one should be above the law, especially Constitutional law, including rouge judges!

President Trump, thank you for continuing to fulfill your promises toward America’s security, despite the many anarchists that are trying to stand in your way.

Mark DamonĀ 

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