10,497 Deaths per year due to Drunk Driving, 841 in Florida, and yet there is no Constitutional Right to Keep and Bear Alcohol. Where is the outrage from former Justice John Paul Stevens and the “March for Our Lives” advocates?

Fresh from Madd’s Website (Mothers Against Drunk Driving) are the following statistics: 10,497 deaths per year are caused by drunk drivers. Madd reports 29 deaths every day and about 290,000 injuries per year due to drunk driving or alcohol. The State of Florida, where the left in all their nasty forms, have brainwashed many of our high school students to push for an attack on AR-15 Rifles and other weapons, has about 841 drunk driving deaths per year. 1 in 4 car crashes involving a teenager involve an underage drunk driver.

Where is the OP. ED. by Justice John Paul Stevens? Where is actor George Clooney? Where is March For Our Lives Spokesman David Hogg? Where are the late night brain dead comedians, rockers and Hollywood intellectuals? Well, I give the students a pass because they have been educated by adults with a sinister agenda, but the adults, no comment from them, perhaps they are on one of their drunk jags, or maybe they are drunk driving themselves, or maybe they are too busy sipping alcohol at one of their exclusive parties?

Alcohol, the accepted and protected assault weapon. Do a google search and prepare to be horrified to the death and suffering it causes. You will find links to domestic violence, child abuse and other violent crime. Alcohol has far more than 30 rounds in it’s never ending arsenal of destruction. Yet, other than Madd, where is the outrage? Where is the MARCH FOR OUR LIVES? Where is the never ending irritating voice of the left? Perhaps the left is out drinking? Ah Alcohol, the elites favorite and protected assault weapon.

The Smorgasbord of alcohols impact cannot be understated, but it swoops down like a swift and silent killer, it dives in under the radar, and the elites thrive on its evil, so they protect it, they cuddle it like their baby, cause it is.

Madd also reports that the leading cause of death in teenagers are car crashes. Where is the left to educate the students of March For Our Lives? Where is former Justice John Paul Stevens? Where is Al Sharpton in his push for background checks on alcohol purchases? Why is the left not pushing students to close the Restaurant and Sporting events loop holes in regards to alcohol purchases? I see, alcohol must be their friend. What other reason can there be? There is no Constitutional right to keep and Bear alcohol, so where are the background checks to prevent the next act of drunk driving, domestic abuse or child abuse?

We don’t need a waiting period on alcohol purchases, nor a background check, no, we can simply ban alcohol and possibly save the lives of thousands of teenagers and adults because this is all about lives right?

What law currently prohibits a former drunk driver, domestic abuser, child molester, or other violent offender from re-purchasing alcohol over the counter at any store? None. What law prevents those people from drowning themselves in booze in restaurants or sporting events? None.


No, it’s not.

It is a carefully thought out plan to eliminate the ownership of firearms in this nation. Michael Medved said recently on his national radio program, that Justice John Paul Steven’s call to repeal the Second Amendment would be very difficult. I do not know the exact words Medved used, but his presentation of Justice Steven’s opinion was either disingenuous or uninformed. I suspect that Medved’s opinion was not uninformed, given his education and his position, so in my opinion it must be disingenuous. Here’s why: If you read the piece by former Justice Stevens you will note that he concentrates on Court rulings and/or opinions. he even comments on former Chief Justice Burger’s characterization of the NRA (National Rifle Association) in regards to the original meaning of the Second Amendment. Stevens concentrates on Court opinions and rulings more than anything else, and herein reveals the ruse.

The courts are suppose to function as Constitutional protectors but they do not. They have not done so for a very long time. Courts and the Judges that sit on the benches within them, should be searching for original intent when it comes to the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, but they are too busy looking for modern definitions of age old rights to pepper their own opinions. There is no better example of this, outside of their attacks on the Second Amendment, than on the immigration issue. They have usurped on many occasions, the clear authority of President Trump and Congress, although Congress either does not know or care. So, an appeal of The Second Amendment will not come through the Constitutional process, it will be adjudicated through the courts just like immigration has, although improperly, just like immigration.

This however, is not a Second Amendment blog, it is a blog to support the March For Our Lives, so hey guys, please quit attacking a right that is in the Constitution, and start moving to stop drunk driving, limit domestic and child abuse, and perhaps even make a dent in gun violence by banning alcohol. Alcohol is not protected. Ask George Clooney to help you, after all, he wants to save lives right?

I will debate anyone on the subject of alcohol or the gun issue, but understand this, I will win the debate easily. Also, want to curb active shooters, gun violence? I know how, contact me. Hey Marchers, the left is using you like they do everyone else who they see as a stepping stone to their power. I will not use you, I will help come up with solutions to the gun violence in this country.

Ask yourself a question Marchers: Why now? Why are active shooters increasing? I will give you a hint: It’s not AR-15s or similar weapons that exist, for they have existed for a very long time. It’s something else. Ask the ones fueling your fire, the left, they know what it is, for they have enabled it, if they will not tell you, or say they don’t know, contact me, I will tell you.

Finally, I am not picking on national radio commentator Michael Medved, but he is one example that just does not get the threat to the Bill of Rights, or wishes to cloud the issue by talking about the mythical repeal of the Second Amendment through a Constitutional process that will not happen, he is one example where I think he knows this will happen, if it does, through the courts.


God Bless this falling Republic,


Mark Damon