Bank of Omaha, Bank of America ,Bank of China, Russia, and the NRA, Can You Spot the Difference?


Does anyone really think that the NRA is to blame for the latest shooting? Well, they are not to blame. Now, we may be able to blame the NRA for the FREEDOMS we have left, but certainly not for the actions of an immoral or mentally disturbed person. So, if it’s not the NRA, then who is to blame for the latest shooting? Well, let’s start with the gunman. Now, in the upcoming blog, The Folly of Gun Control, you will learn a lot more of how this gunman or other gunmen have been trained to kill, to think they way they do, and believe what they believe. The gunman is responsible, BUT, are there circumstances that have helped to create these monsters? You bet there are.


Instead of distancing themselves from the NRA for the actions of a mentally ill or immoral person, perhaps the Banks and other corporations, should consider supporting the Constitution, and not distancing themselves from millions of customers like me that do support the Constitution.The Constitution really is good for the Bank of Omaha, as it allows them to operate in a capitalistic system that is good for their bottom line. What is not good for their bottom line is supporting an Infringement of the Second Amendment affecting an estimated 100,000,000 gun owners in America. I am a customer and will be the first to cut ties with Bank of Omaha if what I am hearing of them is true, and if it is true, I hope ALL gun owners, and ALL Second Amendment supporters will do the same, because such a corporation does not deserve the fruits of our Constitutional system in my opinion. The Bank of Omaha would do better in cutting ties with Hollywood, an entity that glorifies guns in every way and then washes their hands on the proven effect it has on children, or an education system that teaches kids they are little more than apes, a belief system that teaches no afterlife, no judgement and no accountability. Perhaps the Bank of Omaha should cut ties with the ACLU, a so-called Civil Rights Organization that has spent years at removing our historic Christian culture from the public Schools and public Square, thus, removing all moral instruction or REAL moral belief systems from our educational systems.

The Bank of Omaha and Bank of America should consider cutting ties with many of our Nations colleges, for many of them are teaching young minds that America was and is an evil Nation, and that their lives ahead are hopeless. Many of these Professors talk about the EVIL BANKS, perhaps they have even named you once or twice Bank of Omaha, Bank of America? Yet, these Banks are following (if the reports are true) the wave of the self deceived, and in doing so, the corrupt become more powerful and our rights are threatened simultaneously in acts of utter stupidity. Maybe the Bank of Omaha should blame the individuals or agencies who were warned of the latest killer but did nothing. There’s more, read it in the Folly of Gun Control.


Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, and many others deserve enormous credit for exposing vast corruption within the Democratic Party and the agencies they have corrupted during their last stretch of power. This new shooting has almost completely side tracked these scandals, and there is an intentional effort to continue the narrative on the AR-15 and like weapons, so that this disturbing government abuse of power will be forgotten. Such a plan may not ultimately work, because Hannity and company are pretty dedicated, but they will use this tragedy to buy them every minute possible leading up to the next election, anticipating ever more, a hopeful impeachment that will assist them in covering up their possible crimes.


The only thing the NRA is guilty of, is defending the Bill of Rights. A Bank whether it is in China, Russia, or this Country, that embraces a concept that attacks the Bill of Rights, has no place in this Country in my humble opinion. That’s my take, now, can you spot the difference?

Mark DamonĀ