Coming Soon in 2017.

It’s not over yet. The Presidential Inauguration is in January, and I am sure the loons will be in full force with their protests, ignorant diatribes about what THEY THINK is Constitutional, and their equally ignorant posts and videos. Although I may write about those things as they occur, I am going to endeavor to bring to you more blogs about what I promised. I plan to leap more into the field of Cryptozoology, and other subjects that I promised to cover in depth, such as, Evolution and Gun Control. I have not really written a specific blog on Abortion, but that one’s coming as well. I intend to expand this blog in 2017 with more videos and more variable topics. I also plan to develop comic book characters that I have created, as I love that genre and I know many of you do as well.

I will continue to offer this platform to guest bloggers on a variety of related subjects pertaining to anything that has been discussed here, because I want to expand the Universe of The Biblical Constitution in a variety of ways.

If any of you liked God’s Ark of Safety, the blog or video, there will be more coming in that series. The Folly of Evolution should be both interesting, informative and thoroughly entertaining, so look for that. I intend to create the Mother of all gun control blogs, so people can see the absolute danger in the twisted worldview that is gun control and how this anti-freedom agenda threatens all Americans. You will learn more about some of MY HEROES both real and fictional, and we will even explore the concept of Aliens, UFOs, and the Super Natural.

Don’t expect everything you read here to be redundant on any of the subjects above, because I think you will read and see things that you have never experienced before.

Are you ready for the New Year? I know that the Presidential Inauguration is going to be on the minds of both Trump supporters and those who oppose him, but there is a lot more to 2017 as well. I will try to create some of that content right here.

If you know of a subject that you would like me to cover, just write me a letter using the contact information here, or just leave a comment on the blog.

thanks, talk to you very soon,

Mark Damon

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