President Barack Obama and Secretary of State Kerry to Vacate Washington Settlements via New State Solution.

It’s January 1st, and soon President Barack Obama and his lackey, Secretary of State John Kerry, will vacate their occupation of Washington. The people spoke loud and clear in the election on many levels. The reasons that Hillary Clinton lost the election was because people did not want more dead end leftism. Several million people voted against Clinton because she had planned a list of gun control measures that would have crippled real self defense in this Country, and possibly even rendered the Second Amendment toothless, by the edict of a rogue Supreme Court hand picked by her. Many other millions voted against Clinton for her belief that the unborn have no value what-so-ever. I have no doubt that millions voted against Clinton because of her statements that transgender issues were going to be priorities in her presidency. No matter where one might stand on transgender rights, to say that such an issue will be a priority in your presidency, with all of America’s other deep problems, is the mark of someone who just did not get it.

The problems with progressives is that for most of them it seems, or at least the ones that roar the loudest, tolerance means tolerance in leftism, or tolerance does not exist. Courtesy means courtesy in leftism or there is no courtesy, and Free Speech is unlimited for the left, but nearly nonexistent for any other ideology that does not compliment their leftist agenda.


President Obama and John Kerry appear to be working overtime to stir up as many messes as possible before they leave office. I am no statesmen or diplomat, but when Kerry made the statement that Israel can either be Jewish or democratic, and not both, I thought, how arrogant and condescending can a leader be? It sounded to me as if Kerry was talking to a group of five year old children! The irony here is that Obama and Kerry actually do occupy settlements in the White House, and that very soon, they will be sent back to their homes so that Americans can regain some semblance of the America they once knew. Kerry preached to Israel about settlements in their own land and said that there should be a two State Solution. Well, the American people voted for a New State Solution, when they prevented the election of another Obama like character from moving into the people’s White House! Donald Trump is President and it does appear he intends to bring some law and order back to America. I hope President elect Trump shows more respect to Israel than this administration has.


The Obama administration and various agencies have repeatedly told us that Russian hackers interfered with the 2016 Presidential election. Okay, did the Russians hack the votes, intimidate voters at the polls, or maybe threaten democratic voters? I don’t think they did any of that did they? So, actually, if they did interfere, you must mean they interfered by exposing the corruption of the democratic party? So, revealing the truth about corruption in the democratic party lost them votes? Are not Americans better served if the headlines across America are first about democratic corruption and the secondary story about the hacking? After all, wasn’t that what Watergate was all about? Wasn’t former President Nixon trying to uncover deep corruption in the democratic party? Was former President Nixon a Russian operative? I don’t think so do you? It would seem that common sense and logic dictates that corruption in the democratic party is a far greater threat to the integrity of the people’s vote, than a hacker exposing that corrupt party don’t you think? The hacking did not affect the actual integrity of the vote, even the Security agencies I believe, will admit that. Now, ponder this: If a party has been compromised by dishonesty, criminal actions and general corruption, how might that affect your vote America?


The democratic party, that party of proven corruption, now wants to scrap the electoral college. Just say no America. They claim that the popular vote went for Hillary. Really? How do we know that for sure? The recounts in a handful of states revealed more Trump votes. Can any one trust any state controlled by this party? Besides, only big states need vote if we go to a popular vote because that’s where a large number of like minded people exist. It’s also common knowledge that majorities in various states have very different core beliefs, and many of these beliefs are in complete conflict with each other. The national vote and the integrity of such, balances these things, (and those belief systems), out. We are a representative republic America, in every respect, and this is how all opinions are respected. We are not a nation of the MOB, even though, many are trying to make it just that way. I think I speak for millions of people in dozens of states when I say, I don’t want California and New York electing my President without my input.


If someone hacked our election or any other internet business that is not theirs, it was, and is, wrong and illegal, and I am all for the prosecution thereof, but creating a purposeful mess for a new administration is also wrong. I just hope this administration has completed it’s last minute messes, so that the next 20 days and the New Year can be enjoyed as peacefully as possible.

Happy New Year!

Mark Damon


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