Hillary’s America, America’s wake up call.

Last night I paid to see a movie. I have done this many times, but this time it was different. This time, I saw an important message. This time I was watching things that I already knew and others that I did not. Dinesh D’Souza exposes the truth of evil in moving pictures. He does not just expose the democratic leadership in America, he exposes their source of power, their engine of energy, their demonic bedfellows. D’Souza may not have intended to expose someone else other than the democratic party, but I saw him anyway. I saw him subliminally. I wondered if others in the theater could see him. I saw the power of Satan. I saw how he uses men to deceive. I saw how he uses men to kill, steal and destroy. I saw how he uses men to steal a country founded under the Divine Providence of God.

I believe God uses men sometimes whether they are aware of it or not. I believe God uses many venues to reveal truth to people. I believe God has done this through Ken Ham’s replica of Noah’s Ark and I believe God is sending us another message through D’Souza’s movie, Hillary’s America. I understand there are reviewers that are going to say that this movie assumes unproven accusations or exaggerated historical facts, and I know some are just going to deliver political talking points. There are people that would tell you that the moon and the sun did not exist if they thought it would get in the way of their political agenda, but we all know that the sun and moon do exist. I also know that about what I saw in this movie. I know for a fact that a lot of what I saw in this movie is accurate and tragically true.

I know deception. I see it everyday. I see it everywhere. I see deception in the media. I see deception in the government. I see deception in our educational system. I see it in our entertainment industry and most of all, I see spiritual deception or self deception. I also see the author of it all. I see him laughing as he devours so many people with deception, as he directs so many people on the broad way to Hell. The scripture warns us that the road to life is a narrow one. The road to truth is the same. Truth does not have many branches, it is the trunk of the tree. Most people are looking at the branches for truth. Deception is the normal state of affairs, men and women must seek the truth, and they must want it.

If you want to see eye opening things about the party that many of you are serving, than go to a theater and see this movie. Please, do not wait for the video, do it now. When you watch it, do something for me. Look for the Devil in the details, because he is there. The Devil is not deceiving you with the movie, but instead, he is there, behind most everything you will see. You can see him extending a helping hand throughout history. He deceived man in the beginning of God’s creation and if you watch the movie closely, he is there again, within a country that God had blessed. Our Country. He chose the democratic party to work his deceptive wonders, to thwart God’s work again, like he did in the beginning. You will see man’s inhumanity to man. You will see the abominations of Satan’s party platform. The Father of lies is Satan and he uses men to spread those lies. You can see Satan in the hearts of men who have victimized and deceived the masses throughout time, it’s in this movie.

Now listen closely, the Devil will be the one telling you that what you saw in the movie never happened, it’s propaganda, it’s the republicans, it’s not the democrats. If you have an ear you’ll listen to me. Satan’s not done. He deceives 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. He takes no breaks and does not sleep, so when you go back home he will be there. His commentators, his deceivers and his messengers will be working for his dark spiritual cause. Some of his messengers are deceived themselves and they don’t understand it. They are so caught up in Satan’s cultural deception that the truth is alien to them. Many reviewers will tell you this movie contains unproven facts or exaggerated opinions or maybe they might even say the movie contains outright lies, but remember though, many of these people are deceived by the king of lies.

This movie may be a sign from God to give America one last wake up call. I don’t think it’s an accident that so many scriptural signs are falling into place. I believe Ken Ham’s replica Ark is another sign of God’s end time wake-up call. These men, Ham and D’Souza, may or may not know God is using them to reveal these truths, and I am certainly not speaking for God, but I see truth and power in these two historic presentations. They announce a return to the days of Noah in my opinion. Our evil is being revealed to us if we are willing to see the signs from God. We can only hope that if there are signs to come, that God will bless us with a massive pouring out, of His Holy Spirit.

If people keep following and voting for a party that promotes immorality and satanic deception, rest assured, we are going to hear from God.

America, our true history has been hacked and slashed in our educational systems, whether they be our grammar schools, high schools or colleges. Do you love your Wife, Girlfriend, Boyfriend, Husband, Mother, Father, Aunt, Uncle, Friend, or some significant other? Then do them a favor and go see this movie, take a look at how you have been deceived. I am talking to everyone. Black Americans, White Americans, Native Americans, Asian Americans, Hispanic Americans, and Straights and Gays. Otherwise, you can stay at home and trust people who have been brainwashed by the very people illustrated in this movie.

Remember, how I have told you in previous blogs, that the democratic party was using your loyalty and votes for power and that they did not really care about you? Now, sit back and see it in living color in D’Souza’s movie.


Check out my next blog in following D’souza’s theme.

Mark Damon


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