The Republican Convention, Looking Back and Pressing Forward.

If Ted Cruz was holding a grudge against Donald Trump because of what he felt were attacks on his Wife and his Father, than he should have opted to avoid speaking at the convention. This election is not about Trump, Cruz, their wives or their fathers, and America is not a reality T.V. show, it is a Country that could stand or fall based upon the good or bad decisions of our leaders. To continue this back and forth nonsense is gross stupidity. It should stop now.

Later tonight, I will be reviewing a movie by Dinesh D’Souza: Hillary’s America, The Secret History of the Democratic Party, and believe me, it confirms part of what I have been saying in my blogs, but more on that later.

Our values are under attack, our Constitution is under attack, our freedoms are under attack, people are being deceived on a scale that beggars description, and our very lives are under constant threat from radical killers due in part, because of the democratic leadership in this Country. I don’t blame the democratic leadership for the ideology of these killers, or their direct abominable actions, but I do blame the democratic leadership for enabling these murderers.

We must move forward to defeat this reprobate party and to wake up their supporters from the evil spell that binds them toward loyalty to that party. Cruz and Trump need to move forward and bury this high school idiocy on the playground.


Newt Gingrich gets it:

Newt Gingrich delivered one great speech, but more than that; he delivered the truth. He did not practice political correctness or folly, and he warned us of the horrible threats we face, and painted a picture of the murderers that have killed with glee, and will continue to bring the horror show to our cities, our homes and our nations. All democratic leaders care about is a stinking vote, that their pockets are overflowing with money and that their platform of deceptive and oppressive power, continues forever. We should all thank Newt Gingrich for a no holds barred warning about what we face.

Eric Trump gets it:

Eric Trump delivered another hard hitting speech that was filled with truisms and reasons that are grounded in steel, as to why his Father should get a vote over Hillary Clinton. He honored his Father well.

Ivanka Trump nails it:

Ivanka Trump talked about how her Father employs more Women as executives than Men, and of course you should know how Hillary has demeaned the Women who have come out against her husband, former President, Bill Clinton. Ivanka Trump made the case for her Father every bit as much as Eric did. All of these people delivered good speeches, and I understand that there were others, but I could not watch the entire convention. I did try to hear what Laura Ingraham was saying, but I was forced to listen to commentators instead! You would think they would allow people who tuned in to see the speakers, hear the speakers speak!

Democratic voters are being used by the democratic leadership in this Country to obtain power. One day, when they receive ultimate power and disarm you along with the rest of us, you will then see how little you mean to them.

Look for two blogs later tonight:

A review of the movie Hillary’s America and an important follow-up question and after thoughts, to one of the groups the democrats claim ownership of. Do they own you? Look for these two blogs later tonight and you can think about the question I posed following those blogs.

Love you all,

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