Hollywood Rats, Singing Rats, and Rats in High places?

IF Kerry O’ Grady is a real person, and IF she is a Secret Service Agent, and IF she posted the comments about President Trump on social media that Susan Crabtree of The Washington Examiner is reporting, then she should be fired immediately! Yea sure, she will likely work the media circus by going to the prime time broadcasts on cable after she is fired, she may sign a book deal or two, may write a speech or two, and become the darling of the radical left, hell, she might even be hired to do stand in stunt scenes for Scarlett Johansson in the next big Super Hero Epic, but, she should still be fired, IF, all the IFS are true! IF this Woman said the things that have been reported while serving as a Secret Service Agent, then she not only has proven herself unworthy for the position of protecting the President, but she has just slapped Professional Women all over America in the face! Apparently, this is another progressive that places ideology above everything else!

I have been in and out of low level law enforcement positions all of my life. I have been a sworn Peace Officer more than once over many years, and I can tell you right now, that even with the positions that I have held, saying such things are contradictions of your oath as a Sworn Peace Officer and your position. The Constitution has become little more than toilet paper to many progressives, who use it frequently, to wipe every vile intention under the guise of free speech or expression. It’s absolute nonsense. I believe that even the Super progressive organization known as The American Civil Liberties Union (A.C.L.U) has stated that free speech is limited in certain employment (they can correct me if I’m wrong, but one of their reps actually expressed that very idea to me several years ago) and believe me, the Secret Service is just that kind of employment.

Progressives are really showing every American just what rats they really are, and just how massive this progressive Swamp is.

IF the above story is true, consider this a written complaint to the Secret Service administration: Such language has no place coming from the lips of any law enforcement officer assigned to protect President Donald Trump, union or no union, apology or no apology, the risk is too high, fire her! Who knows what this Women (progressive) may be capable of. If you need further study on risk assessment as it pertains to Secret Service Agents, please, go watch the movie Air Force One with Harrison Ford! Fire her!!


If Madonna was a conservative, and talked about blowing up the White House when Obama was there, there would have been a call by the progressive media to lock her up! It’s always, we are taking progressives out of context. No we’re not. Progressive context reveals constantly how these lunatics attack people with different views, smash other people’s property, and constantly make so called, “out of context threats!”

One publication claimed that this Women’s March was bigger than all of us!! Nonsense! The Women’s March is not as big as the Pro-life organizations across the Country, those organizations are packed with Women that dwarf this progressive demonstration! I’m talking millions and millions of PRO-LIFE WOMEN!!

This march on Washington was not as massive as the number of Women that voted for President Trump. The march on Washington pales alongside the number of Women that voted for Trump!

The march on Washington, for the most part, is a chunk of the misfits that lost the election. I can surely bet that most Women there voted for Hillary Clinton, including the star power that graced the stage.

Ashley Judd:

Please, spare me, her Mom and sister have achieved far more success than her. What movies of any impact has she graced? I believe she was in a next generation (Star Trek) episode years ago, she gets points for that I guess (LOL) Seriously though, here’s a Woman ranting about the perils we all face under Donald Trump, when I am sure she voted for a Woman who defended her husband constantly (Bill Clinton), despite very credible testimony that he constantly harassed Women, and even suffered through an accusation of rape. Please Ashley, spare us your concern for the Battered Women of America. What about the case brought up during the campaign about the predator, the little girl, and the seedy attorney named Hillary, that managed to get the predator a pass? Oh I’m sorry Ashley, that just does not fit the progressive agenda where you worship at the Alter of Death. Your false GOD OF CHOICE, that evil god, Abortion.

It’s all I can do anymore without throwing up when I see you people open your stench filled mouths.

Scarlett Johansson:

She said she did not vote for Trump but she wants to support him if he will support her etc. Supporting her means that Donald Trump must kneel at the alter of death by supporting planned parenthood. You know, I respect the way she delivered her speech, but she is deceived. Scarlett, you must understand that what ever planned parenthood did for you is not the only thing they are doing. They do some very dark things, and I know you surely support abortion, but it is a dark thing in itself. Science has confirmed that the baby is fully alive, can feel pain, and meets the definition of life. If Women developed their babies in an outside pouch instead of hidden from view, could you then support the act of abortion? What about planned parenthood, would you still feel the same about them? Don’t you care that science has proven that Women are taking a life Scarlett? Don’t you care that science has proven that Women that engage in abortion are taking the life of their boy or girl? This is not about rape, incest, or the life of the mother Scarlett, it’s about the wholesale slaughter of human beings to atone for our fallen condition as human beings, aka, our sin.

I don’t know if you practice any faith or not Scarlett, but it does not matter, because the following point has merit. Scripture tells the believer or the non-believer a serious warning about Satan. Satan deceives more people than he devours. Satan often does some good, in order to deceive toward a goal of greater evil, he even makes some people rich and successful, in order to steal their souls forever. Sometimes light is darkness. If you are a believer, Satan is the author of an awful lot of evil, and if you are not a believer, than understand this: Planned Parenthood is deceiving millions of people in the same way the Devil of the Bible does. Some good to further evil.

I will pray for Scarlett Johansson, even though she may not want me to, because I believe she is deceived by the light of a one time experience. Sometimes light is darkness, and it deceives.

If this Nation does not find it’s roots again, I am afraid the acceleration of evil will continue. These things needed to be said and I will continue to defend against this cultural rot that the Christian knows is spiritual wickedness, but that the conservative calls liberalism or progressive or socialist ideology.

Whatever what one wants to call it, it’s getting dirtier and more violent.

God Bless America again, cause we are going to need it.

Mark Damon