Human Swamp Rats and the various Subspecies in the United States!

Donald Trump has a monumental task ahead of him. He has promised to drain the swamp in Washington. The only problem with Donald’s promise, is that I am not sure that he, or any of the rest of us knew just how big this swamp was. The swamp in Washington is perhaps the biggest in the world! It contains rats, vipers, crocodiles, wolves, sheep and various types of weasels and other animals. In addition to those creatures, the Swamp has a support system from all over America, fueling the corrupt food chain in the swamp.

Let’s take a look at some of the creatures in the Swamp, and then we will look at their support system, a system that is well established outside of the muck.

Senator John McCain:

This creature of habit cannot be displaced by the actions of Trump, he, unfortunately, is a creature that will stay in the Swamp, regardless of the water level. In fact, completely draining the Swamp will not evict Senator John McCain from it. Only the people in his state can get rid of this rat through the elective process, so this is one rat that Trump must contend with during his Presidency. This rat is a member of the party of Trump, but that means little to McCain, as he has demonstrated over and over, that his lukewarm allegiance to the Republican party, is nothing compared to the righteous fire he feels toward his corrupt democratic colleagues. As always, John McCain carries the water for the other side, doing all he can to defend the democratic positions, under the absolute guise of patriotism. McCain’s latest promotion of this Russian hacking debacle, including the phony story about Trump’s Russian involvement, is proof positive, that McCain is one of the biggest rats in the swamp!

Senator Lindsey Graham:

Another rat in the swamp. Nearly the same story as McCain, although, he does not do as much scurrying around as the bigger rat, John McCain.

President Barack Obama:

President Barack Obama is not as much a rat as he is a clever Crocodile, but frequently, he is a wolf, wearing the skin of a sheep. Barack Obama tells us all how race relations are better than ever in America, and he said so with a straight face! Here’s a man, alongside Horrible Hillary, that did everything he could to teach the public that Police Officers are out of control, that white people are typical white people, and of course he granted Black Lives Matter instant legitimacy. One of the shinning examples of Obama’s improved race relations, was revealed in a video where four black youths tortured a disabled white teenager, while they shouted racial slurs about Donald Trump and white people in general. Obama created a situation (no matter what he says) that aided Iran an accelerated opportunity to reach their Nuclear bomb, even though, Iran has been clear that they would like to blow Israel and the United States to kingdom come. President Obama and Secretary John Kerry, basically told Israel, a long time partner of the United States, to do it our way or go pound sand.

Obama’s secondary speeches about race relations and Police relations might warm Michael Medved’s coffee, but such subtle nothingness, does nothing for me, or people with real intelligence, when Obama has engaged in the exact opposite behavior. Obama may roam America as a wolf in sheep’s attire, but he has the crafty mind of a crocodile, watching and waiting to devour our Constitution. Fortunately, Obama’s reign over the democratic swamp is nearly over through the natural selection of the election process. We the people can only hope that President Obama leaves the swamp quietly, without inciting the many other democratic rats that will remain mired in the misty muck.

Hillary Clinton:

Donald Trump evicted her from the swamp for now, but watch out, she may come out from under a nearby rock!!

The Democratic Party leadership:

The real news is the corruption of the democratic party, not who had revealed that corruption. All we hear about from this plethora of rats and weasels, is how Russia hacked the election. If Russia engaged in any hacking, it was hacking that revealed democratic corruption, not the integrity of the vote. Still, these rats, numbering in the hundreds, perhaps thousands, keep spewing this swampy garbage. Meanwhile, the little rats were busy pushing for laws that void I.D. laws in the various states. These rats scream about Hillary’s popular vote amidst this phony unjust voter fraud law, while the tallies that the ratty Stein prompted, revealed that Trump even won bigger than originally thought. This party is full of rats, but the people have drained many of their positions in the swamp all over the Country. Make no mistake about it though, this has not stopped them from continuing renewed and diseased rhetoric each and every day to undermine the legitimate Presidency of Donald Trump. Many of these rats and weasels live in Washington and many don’t, but as these rodents scurry to and fro, perhaps the people all over this nation will continue to drain the swamps that is overflowing with these rats, even as Donald Trump drains the massive one in Washington.

The Intelligence Community:

Are these people part of the Washington Swamp? I am beginning to wonder. Why are they making all of these things public and pushing them so powerfully, just days before President-elect Trump takes office? Were many of these people appointed by the rats in the swamp above, and if so, what kind of intelligence officials do you think rats would pick to lead the various agencies? Remember Fast and Furious, the I.R.S. debacle, and the little meeting with Attorney General Loretta Lynch and former President Bill Clinton? These are just a few of the scandals that come to mind when you think about the democratic establishment. Is the intelligence community really above partisan politics and corruption? What was the real reason the F.B.I did not recommend that Hillary Clinton be indicted? I don’t have any information and insight into these intelligent agencies, but I guarantee, that millions of people are wondering about the integrity of the leaders of these various intelligence agencies, but certainly, not the rank and file agents or agency operatives. I mean, how many democratic leaders can you count with integrity, or anyone, that they have placed in positions of power for that matter? These are questions Trump needs not only to answer when he starts draining the swamp, but he needs to tell the American people just how corrupt our nation has become, so that these rats can be driven from the swamp once and for all. Our national security depends on it!

Swamp Support:

Big Media:

There is little doubt left in the minds of most Americans, that many of the major papers, networks and network personalities can be trusted to produce anything but democratic talking points, propaganda, cover-ups, and selective reporting and denials. These are the rats and weasels that frequently visit and protect the Washington swamp, but do not necessarily live within the water and mud of the corruption. Still, they protect the food chain, and the people can aid in draining the big media swamp by boycotting advertisers on their networks, their papers and their leftists blogs. Donald Trump is already pulling their fangs and declawing them with his no nonsense stance on their obvious leftist rhetoric.

Big Hollywood:

Meryl Streep chastised Donald Trump at the Golden Globes ceremony in the usual Hollywood style of hypocrisy. The rats are thick in Hollywood, and like their democratic counterparts in Washington, the stench of their lies and rhetoric fill the heavens like so many vultures, seeking their next victim in the swamp. Their victims are always republicans and others, who do not tow the progressive line of thinking. Streep talked about disrespect and violence, attributes that progressives are experts at dishing out in large quantity. It does not matter if you are black, a woman or any other of their protected classes (classes they only use to achieve power I might add), if you are not a progressive, prepare to be belittled, attacked, lampooned and lambasted, so much for respect of the minorities and classes they say that they so cherish. It can be intelligently argued, that progressive rhetoric, fueled the attack on a white disabled teen by four black youths, but of course the only thing Streep wanted to talk about, was one of her like minded lackey’s who inhabits the progressive swamp of like minded ideas.

USA Today pontificated in Streep’s defense, in that Trump’s statement regarding Streep as overrated,  was unfounded and then proceeded to list Streep’s achievements. I reviewed the list of Streep’s achievements, and as expected, I found that nearly everything USA Today listed, came from the progressive establishment swamp. Once again, USA Today makes the point, unknowingly, that Streep’s achievements matter little to mainstream Americans. I mean seriously, did Streep appear in any of the Star Wars movies? What about any of the die hard movies, terminator movies, Marvel or DC comics movies? Has Streep appeared in breaking bad or walking dead? Did Streep appear in the blockbuster Jaws, or the Taken movies, how about the Rambo or Rocky Movies? Hey, those movies among scores of others, win the awards at the box office. Where was Streep? Although some of Streep’s movies were probably good, most Americans are quoting lines from the others above and do you know why? It’s because movies are supposed to provide for an escape, not a platform for a progressive political message. Faye Dunaway’s, Mommie Dearest was not of the type of the movies named above, but it illustrated two things: 1. That Faye Dunaway deserved an award (maybe she received one?) for that movie and 2. That the depiction of Joan Crawford in that movie probably displayed a form of rare psychosis that most actors in those days did not possess, but today, such a malady is common for a lot of actors in the business today.

There are good people in Hollywood, I exclude you here, but you should stand up and be counted, you’ve already got money, come out against these swamp rats, and stand up for your country.

The Progressive Swamp:

This swamp is vast. It covers a large part of the big states and the biggest part of it is in Washington. Donald Trump cannot drain this swamp alone. Voters and conservative leaders must help him. Since Trump’s election, we have seen the radicals and their disrespect for people, property and common courtesy. Make no mistake about it. We are not the racists, they are, and we are not the violent ones for the most part, they are, and they have the art of disrespect down to a science. If you don’t believe me, read the book from one of their fellow progressives, Kirsten Powers, The Silencing. (I reviewed that book on this blog).

Honorable People who have called out the Swamp Things:

Former President Richard Nixon tried to expose the corruption of the democratic party over four decades ago, but he was forced to resign for trying to hack into their headquarters physically. This was called Watergate. Perhaps if Nixon had succeeded in his quest to expose the democratic communists, there would have been no room for the corrupt party we have today. Foreign governments have no right to hack our electronic infrastructure, but again, the bigger story is the deep dark corruption of the democratic leadership in our nation. The other big story is the big media’s unwillingness to REPORT that very story. Corruption seems to be creeping far beyond the political structure of the democratic leadership, and if we the people, do not get control of this republic, then the entire nation will become a swamp!

I thank Donald Trump for standing up to all these hostile powers, Mr., You’ve got John Wayne guts!, a former good man of Hollywood! Kellyanne Conway, great job of defending what’s right, you’ve got those guts as well!

President-elect Trump, please drain this swamp, before we are head deep in rats!


Amended from Swamp Things originally, then changed to Swamp Things and the creatures that love them. The new title above, and to kick off a bran new series right here at the Biblical Constitution, is as follows: Human Swamp Rats and the various subspecies of the United States. There are so many leftists rats in America, ranging from Washington D.C. to Hollywood California, that it is time to report on the activities of these vermin on a regular basis. You can count on me to do that right here. So, please enjoy, there will be text and videos on their various seedy activities. 

Mark Damon       


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