If I Were President.

If I were President:

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton please take notes:


I would up-hold the Constitution with a zeal that is unknown in modern times. I would use my authority to the height of that authority granted me under the Constitution in order to investigate individuals and organizations that would subvert the freedoms and liberties in the Bill of Rights. I would work with lawmakers in putting an end to attacks on the first and second Amendments by doing everything within the scope of my power to chisel those oh so important rights in that which is indestructible. In other words; I would attempt to stifle those individuals that rise from their beds each and everyday, to attack the liberties of law abiding Americans for the benefit of their own selfish ideologies, clearly ignoring the sacrifice great men and women made to establish the Bill of Rights.  As a new President; I would want my legacy to be defined as the man who ended frivolous attacks on the first and second amendments, and the Constitution as a whole.

I would only support Supreme Court nominees that believed in the integrity of the Constitution as a finite document, and that the only way to change it is by original design, that design being, by Amendment only, and not by the twisted non-sacrificial desires of Judges and Justices. I would demand that any nominee use the Founders writings as a light house, writings that should clearly guide any nominee to a decision that embraces the founders original intent, and keeps the power with whom it belongs, that power being invested solely with the free men and women of the United States and not within the people’s servant judges, justices, congressmen and women, bureaucrats, government agencies, or executive powers. I don’t care how many attorneys or judges use the mouth of mendacity to reach legal decisions that are contrary to the founders wisdom and beliefs. The founders did it right, so the founders writings would be the ultimate test, not contemporary and baseless nonsense brought forth by immoral lawyers and judges.


I would essentially eliminate the I.R.S and make the tax system completely fair and impartial. I would design a health care system that would allow for private and public healthcare and would allow heath coverage for each and every man, woman and child in America, without harming the integrity of the private system. This health care plan should please most conservatives and honest liberals alike, while establishing health care as a essential human charity. The ideas concerning heath care are being designed from the wrong branch of the tree. Sin is a detriment to thinking. I will solve the issue with true morality. It can be done.


I want a colorless America. I want a free but moral America. Freedom and Morality are not exclusive but inclusive, and I will prove it. I will unite the people by first shinning a light upon the diabolical deception that millions have fallen prey to. I will enlighten with education, morality and the unquenchable truth. People will thirst for the truth, and I will make them thirstier. I will dispel the darkness with the returning fire of our founding spirit. It can be done.


I would bring work to this Country. I would bring a renewed prosperity. The economy is only as powerful as the greatness of a nation. Our economy will return when our greatness returns. I will work to return our greatness. Platitudes and patriotism cloaked in deception is not greatness. Greatness is a tangible substance, not a volley of hollow words. I will bring us back to honor, respect, truth and decency. We shall embrace greatness and reject individual sins as our foundation, while supporting the freedoms of the righteous and the sinner alike. We shall recognize that we are a nation of imperfect people, reasoning together, to establish peace, tranquility and the greater good for our collective union. There will be no moral judgments or decrees, but we shall embrace morality as our guide post. Morality will be our teacher, and we shall decide as a people to once again embrace principles that are better than our individual sin natures, because we should all strive to become better individuals. Let the model for our behavior be the idea we portray in the climaxes of our moral stories, plays and movies, and not the sin we display in those sources.

If I ever run for President, I will tell you how I would do these things, but neither Hillary or Donald would likely listen to anything I have to say about good government, especially Hillary.

Mark Damon signing off,

God Forgive Us!















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