The Year of the Gun

2016 may be the year to top all previous years. It may be the year that the road to self defense is trashed not only throughout America, but throughout the world. The spotlight this year is on the Second Amendment and Hillary is the one holding that light upon it. If Hillary Clinton is elected it may mean the beginning of the end for the right to self defense. Let us be honest shall we? If firearms possession is outlawed as a result of Hillary’s win of the white house, than essentially the ability to defend ourselves will creep to a progressive end, because let’s face it folks, self defense in this world without modern firearms is a weak effort at best. Every common criminal and devious terrorist will continue to possess all types of firearms, while the decent law abiding citizen will be thrown to the wolves by Hillary’s freedom hating efforts. I call 2016 the Year of the Gun because regardless of whether or not the Second Amendment survives the remainder of 2016 is not the issue, but the simple election of Hillary Clinton will imperil that right for the next four years at some point.

The Supreme Court is missing a Justice and Hillary and her lackeys cannot wait to fill it with someone that hates not only your right to self defense, but also most likely your right to free speech and free expression. 2016 is the Year of the Gun for this reason alone. We will retain our right to keep and bear arms if the right person is elected, but we will keep more than that, we will still be able to defend our Mothers, Fathers, Sons, Daughters, Wives and those who mean the most to us, if we cast a vote for freedom by defeating Hillary in November.

I believe this election is a turning point for America. If people make the wrong decision in this election, the ramifications of that decision could cripple this nation.

If Hillary is elected we had all better hope that the Senate stays conservative and refuses to confirm Hillary’s Supreme Court nominee or we will all be in dire Constitutional trouble.

Love your Country America? If Hillary controls the white house and the Nominee on the Supreme Court, as well as the Senate, sit back and watch the dominoes of freedom fall before our feet.

This is serious. Get your friends registered to vote and do it fast. You’ve got about two months.

Mark Damon


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