I am not going to give specific dates in regards to my Wrestling passion, but just let me say it goes way back. Now, these days I am not really into the wrestling entertainment industry, but I still have a favorite, and that would be Jerry “the king” Lawler. If any of you are fans of WWE Wrestling, you know who Jerry Lawler is. Jerry Lawler has enjoyed years as the quick witted announcer of that massive entertainment venue, and he has wrestled for WWE, but I remember a very special Kingfish, as Handsome Jimmy Valiant use to call him.

Jerry Lawler’s career is long and colorful and I was there for many years of it. I use to watch Lawler on television in his early days. I am drawn to the best of everything, that’s just who I am. I have had to purchase most of my music, and many movies that I enjoy, I end up having to order them. I even search out the best storage products for movies and cd’s, and believe me, it’s not easy. In other words, the things I enjoy most, are not available in local stores. I am just as picky about people or entertainers I admire. I tend to be attracted to people that are special and bring something very unique to the table. Jerry Lawler has that unique quality, and from what I hear, he’s a nice guy. I have only talked to him at wrestling events two or three times. I do not know him personally.

Jerry “the king” Lawler deserves that title as far as I am concerned for many reasons, but I will list mine here. I am not really sure how or why I started watching wrestling when I was a teenager, but I am sure it was because I was attracted to the great show that Lawler brought to the ring. Jerry Lawler had a style that made him stand out. He had a presence in the ring, not unlike the presence that King Elvis brought to the musical stage when he stepped on to it. Jerry Lawler, many times, would size up his opponent by simply watching him at the opposite corner, and by displaying an almost super hero type persona while awaiting his opponent’s move. I do not know if Lawler invented the down strap to mark his anger, but I think he did it the best. King Lawler would sometimes chew gum while waiting on his opponent. Lawler even had a unique style in the way he projected his fists at his opponents, and fans will never forget the theatrics of his top rope fist dive and his king fish pile driver!

Jerry “the king’ Lawler is one of my entertainment heroes because he tapped into that quality that is a part of who I am, someone who strives to obtain the best, not to be confused with expensive you understand, but the best. I pull no punches in regards to the truth and Lawler pulled none in his quest as the best wrestling entertainer in history.

WWE released a recent blu ray and dvd of Jerry Lawler entitled “It’s Good to be the King, The Jerry Lawler story”, it is a fitting tribute to the King, and one of my entertainment heroes! I highly recommend it.

Mark Damon


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