The Seventh Day of Halloween: Season of Deception.

Hillary Clinton reminded me of Bill Clinton, as she approached the Woman with the first question in the second presidential debate. She asked the Woman if she was a teacher and she approached her with a Bill Clinton type style. I found it purely Clinton and so, purely deceptive. My point is this, she started the debate with a style that is really not her own, thus marks the first mask of Hillary that is donned marking her style for the entire debate. She also mentioned America’s little boys and girls twice, which is a contradiction of her belief system is it not? I mean one of Hillary’s main objectives if she becomes president is to fight for transgender rights, right? So, when you have a school system that is telling little boys and girls that there is no such thing as little boys and girls, than what group of people is Hillary referring to?

Hillary stated that she is for the Second Amendment but of course if you simply catalog all of Hillary’s statements regarding gun ownership, you know this is simply not true if you have a brain at least the size of a walnut. Now, of course she is the queen of deception and the wearer of many masks, so her statement about the Second Amendment could be true in her mind, because she may very well believe that the Second Amendment refers to a collective right concerning State Militias and not an individual right. The problem with this is that she has said before that she is not coming for our guns, which “your guns” is clearly defined as individuals. Bill Clinton was the master of double talk and Hillary is not so bad herself. The fact is this: Hillary would appoint a radical to the Supreme Court who would join other progressives on that court, who would support Hillary’s real position on the Second Amendment, which is a very limited individual right if any right at all.

The Supreme Court:

We have all heard Hillary’s position on the Supreme Court, that she would appoint people who would accept how the world really works. Hillary means that she will appoint people that support the world that she thinks should exist. A world that leads to American ruin and destruction, tyranny and misery. The reality is that Supreme Court Justices are charged with upholding the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, this is a concept that keeps us all free. Donald Trump said he would appoint Justices that would defend the Constitution and defend the Second Amendment, this is the absolute RIGHT position, as opposed to Hillary’s plan to appoint Justices who will support decisions based upon a progressive worldview, and not the Constitution. Hillary is far more dangerous to liberty than Trump if you take the things that she says into account.

Women and Trump:

Okay I get it, Trump is not a role model for American men. Trump has said some things that he should not have said. We are a Nation of the offended. The offended, I wonder if that’s a book title? It would make a good one. Kirsten Powers, why not make “the offended” the theme of your next book in regards to thin skinned media pundits, young college kids and the various victims groups in America? Such a book would look great on a shelf next to your book, “The Silencing”. Anyway, as a nation of the offended we truly forget others that are being offended. Bill Clinton, as Trump rightly point out, was an alleged physical offender of Women, does this not mean anything? Okay right, Bill’s behavior is not the fault of Hillary right? Wrong. Hillary Clinton allegedly trashed the Women that came forth about the alleged criminal behavior of Bill Clinton. Now, which is worse? A bunch of ignorant comments from Donald Trump for which he has issued an apology, or the trashing of Bill Clinton’s alleged victims by his Wife Hillary with her constant public denial?

Masks, Masks and more Masks:

Hillary gets caught on nearly everything she does but it appears she is made of the highest quality Teflon! I mean nothing sticks to this Woman! Of course if the media would do their job something might stick to her, but no such luck!! The main stream media has more Halloween masks in their private warehouse than all the politicians put together! Much of the media are disingenuous at best and pathological liars on their more fiery days. Let’s see, the media is working to get Clinton elected, more cowardly republicans are working to elect her, why it even appears that there are aspects of corrupt federal agencies that are helping her get elected!! What a bunch of masks! I have never seen such a celebration of Halloween like the democratic leadership and their lackeys are throwing this year. They are all having a party and most of America is not invited!

Republican fools:

Okay yea. So, you support Hillary, yea, you know who you are. Let me just say you are brilliant! Just brilliant. We can win in four more years. Win what in four more years? After we have lost the First and Second Amendments to the Constitution by a super progressive Supreme Court? Are you yellow streakers smelling what you are shoveling? Four more years? Have you not seen what they are doing to our culture through laws, through judges, through courts? Have you not seen what is happening to our most powerful law enforcement agencies in the land and how the democratic leadership is peppering them with corruption! You want Hillary to have four more years to rig the voting systems in this country and to all but eliminate real voter rights and election integrity? Are you kidding me? Are you looking at this election from the planet Mars? Let me tell you brilliant republican supporters of Hillary a few things. If you vote for this Woman and continue supporting her, you will be lucky if we have a system in the future that allows citizens to vote at all! If this happens, you think you are going to be allowed to remain in power? You people are delusional. The democratic leadership in this country have eaten your breakfast and lunch, and you are about to give them the utensils to eat your dinner, and ours as well!!

AND, LISTEN CAREFULLY!! Donald Trump is our candidate because of you! that’s right! You fools gave us Donald Trump by your cowardliness, your apathy, your compromises, and yes, your incredible stupidity. Were you playing good cop, bad cop, with the intention to destroy America, or is your head full of straw like the scarecrow that has betrayed the American people?

You people are incredible, you are the progenitors of this mess and then you blame the man you summon out of the ashes of your complacency. As far as I am concerned you never deserve to win another election if your continued stupidity gets this woman elected!

Let’s name a few of you brilliant intellectuals and conservatives:

Charles Krauthammer:

Mr. Krauthammer has said that Trump’s comments about putting Hillary in jail is the kind of talk akin in banana republics. Well excuse me Mr. Krauthammer, but is that not what kind of government Hillary is fighting for? She wants to put transgender issues at the top of her Presidential list, putting more men into women’s restrooms. She wants to disarm American citizens while bringing ISIS operatives into our country hidden among thousands of Syrian refugees, and like a good banana republic leader, she tells the American people not to worry, because she would not let anyone into our country that would harm us. She plans to destroy the First and Second Amendments to the Constitution and tax us into oblivion. She will continue to fuel national racial division and hold police officers all across the country in contempt. She will likely fuel more and more civil unrest and violent protests among the people to further empower herself. Hillary is the recruiting poster for banana republics! She ignores the separation of powers, and seems to control federal law enforcement agencies who are looking into her criminal behavior. She even has her right hand man (Bill Clinton) arrange a special meeting with the U.S. Attorney General while she is under investigation. 

MR. Krauthammer, I chuckle at your intellectualism and those who proclaim that moniker for you. Please smell what you are shoveling. Do you think any other American would have been charged for any of the various things Hillary has done? Well, would they? The law making institutions of this nation, nor the federal law enforcement agencies have done one thing to Hillary. They have essentially ignored her alleged crimes. Hillary’s actions and the inaction over them that has followed, is the definition of a banana republic. Maybe you can get a cabinet position with her if you are successful in helping her campaign? I wish you luck.  

It is about time someone brought the Clinton’s to justice and those law makers and law enforcement agencies that protect and excuse their criminal behavior. I hope Trump gets elected and brings them all to justice!

Senator John McCain:

Am I supposed to be surprised that McCain has pulled his support from Trump? Should I become wide-eyed and say “oh my gosh, I can’t believe it”, Yea right! McCain has spent his lifetime sporting an R beside his name but defending the D’s. No one is allowed to say one negative thing about McCain because of his war record, but the truth is, he has stood up for democrats at other times when his principled candidates needed him. He should be a registered democrat because that’s where he belongs. Thank you for your service Senator McCain, I just wish that service to your country continued when you got back, sorry but you often take the position for a corrupt party, and a corrupt candidate. Are you really prepared to say that anything Trump has done is worse than what Hillary has done, and that what Trump would do as President would be worse than what Hillary would do? Please, who cares if you support Trump or not, please change your registration to the party you love the most, the democratic party, for it sounds as if you are confused John.

House Speaker Paul Ryan:

Okay, I see, You are going to concentrate on keeping the house. Why? What are the republicans in the house going to do if Hillary becomes President? I’ll tell you what they will do speaker Ryan: They will rubber stamp everything Hillary wants while the Senate confirms her Supreme court nominee, a nominee that will lay waste to the First and Second Amendments. Hear us!, you’ll say, we are going to overturn Hillary’s Australian style gun control when we get a republican president, we will restore the First Amendment when we get a republican president, we will halt the ISIS operatives who infiltrated the Syrian refugees when we get a republican president, we will do this and that and that and this when we get a republican president! (Just like you repealed Obama care?). Liars! Cowards! You are allowing the theft of this nation by people like Hillary Clinton and you and your cowardly republicans are far more immoral than Trump will ever be for allowing it!

Glenn Beck:

Did you say we could manage Hillary or something akin to that? What evidence do you have for that Mr. Beck? Do you think Trump is less moral than Hillary? Maybe less moral than her husband Bill? Your kidding right? Don’t you write books Beck? I thought you were informed. You sir, are a shinning example of why conservatism (secular conservatism) will not save America. It is of my opinion that many conservatives are double minded and have no clue as to what real truth is. Many conservative leaders are deceived. I believe Beck is one of them. This is a spiritual battle and that’s why many are blinded and why we keep losing. Reject Joseph Smith and turn your head toward Christ Mr. Beck, Trump is a sinner no doubt, but Hillary has evil designs on this Country and the cowardly republicans will be no match for her, or the spirit that surrounds her. For crying out loud Beck, the Congress and the F.B.I have not been able to touch her and she is not even President yet! Wake up!

Michael Medved:

One of the men above said the election of Hillary would not be the end of the world and I agree, but it could be the beginning of the end of America. Michael Medved, on his radio show, said something similar about the adoption of Gay Marriage by the Supreme Court. He said, that the decision for Gay marriage did not end America or the world, something like that, and a caller told Michael that nations fall about every two hundred years or so, and Michael agreed, but then Medved said that he thought America was different because it was blessed by God. What double minded Medved has missed is that God does not continue to bless nations that engage in constant sin, and especially nations that adopt sin as a national policy! In fact, more democrats are taking positions against Israel, and scripture is clear about nations that take that stance. God promises to bless those nations that bless Israel and curse those who curse Israel. (Google for exact scripture, rec. KJV.).

My position is well known about all people, love them all. The truth is though, that marriage was a covenant of God, and then a private institution owned by the religious masses, it was not open to a Supreme Court decision, but secular conservative (that label may not be accurate as he swings toward liberal positions) Michael Medved, has said that Gay Marriage is settled law, but he is as wrong legally as he is morally. Any decision that the Supreme Court rules on, can be reversed. Why do you think America is so worried about losing the right to keep and bear arms? It’s clearly because the Supreme Court under a Hillary appointment, could clearly overturn the Heller decision.

I told several people that if Gay Marriage is recognized by the Supreme Court, that we would see an acceleration of evil and I was correct. I just did not know it would be nearly immediate. Just look at the candidates that America has received. Look at how impressionable little boys and girls are being taught in some school systems that there is no such thing as boys and girls, look at how the activities of planned parenthood have been dismissed. I could name a lot of other things that have taken place since Gay Marriage was condoned by the highest court in America, but the fact is, Medved is wrong, for the wheels of America’s end are turning fast, and meanwhile, he keeps perpetrating deceptions over his show. I will debate this man anytime, I’d love too. I would love to see how he justifies some of the things he says on his show, while professing to be a conservative.

I’m sick of this nonsense. We need real Men and Women behind America’s microphones and in our law making institutions.

Standing out:

Mark Levin:

This radio broadcaster may not be perfect in my eyes, but I believe his conservatism is the purest. It appears to contain no fillers or preservatives. He is voting for Trump, not because he is a big supporter, but because like me, he knows how dangerous Hillary Clinton could be for this nation. I hope Mark Levin stays the course. Good job Mark.  

To All Americans:

We are all awaiting a miracle and I hope we get one. Pop-culture and the media are trying to run the show. Deception is the constant order of the day. Donald Trump may have a lot of personal flaws just like me and you, although ours may be different than his. Hillary’s flaws are flaws that are a clear danger to our well being and our liberty and everything we hold dear. She is not a champion of the L.G.B.T. community, and neither does she care one scintilla about African Americans, Hispanics, Asians, Indians, Muslims, or any one else outside of her circle. You are a vote to Hillary and a ladder of power and that’s it. That’s my opinion and it’s good one because unlike republicans that are voting for her, my brain and your brain is larger than a walnut, right?

I hope so!

If you are not registered to vote you had better do so. This election will determine your right to self defense, even as Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton seed the Country with hidden terrorists hiding among an ocean of Syrian refugees.

If you vote for this Woman just remember one thing she said at the second debate. She said she would never let anyone in this country that would harm Americans. She gave a guarantee that SHE KNOWS she cannot make! She even lies about your safety to get elected! The F.B.I has even said that there is no guarantee with the Syrian refugees, that there may be terrorists operatives hiding among them, but Hillary tells you that she is going to keep bringing them in anyway.

Please, be more intelligent than these republican cowards and this demonic democratic leadership. Wake up and go to the polls. Prevent this disaster from happening. Vote for America, vote for the security of your family, friends and yourself!

Mark Damon


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