My Heroes!

It is time for my readers to get to know me a lot better. I write a lot about politics and the things of God, but I think it is important that you know the whole Mark. I am getting ready to start a new blog series I am calling My Heroes. This series will run in every direction, from my favorite entertainment actors and actresses, to my favorite singers and alternate entertainment performers. I will explain why I like this or that person, or this or that movie, book, and nearly everything else I can think of. It is important to me that you know whom I am completely. I am not ashamed.

This series will also spotlight my favorite heroes that have inspired me, and who have accomplished what I feel, are great things. You will learn what I think about the heroes that society has established as heroes, such as the Police, Service Personnel, and Fire Fighters. You will know me inside and out and that is the way it should be. I want to be your friend. All of you. Black, White, Asian, Indian, Native American, and even those that do not agree with me.

So, sit back and prepare to know me better.


You will soon see my image for the first time with my message, GOD’S ARK OF SAFETY. This video will really reveal what I think and feel, so be looking for it. I plan to release it before we all vote.

The folly of Evolution is on the way, as well as a detailed message against the evils of Gun Control.

Until I visit you again,

goodbye my friends,

Mark Damon


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