The Fifth Day of Halloween, Trump vs Hillary.

Same Mask, another day. Hillary wears the mask of deception well. Hillary slammed Trump on his current unwillingness to release his tax records. Trump responded by saying he would release his tax records against his lawyer’s advise, if Hillary would release the thousands of e-mails that she deleted. Hillary’s response was that she admits she made a mistake with the e-mails, and then Trump rightly pointed out that erasing the e-mails was not a mistake but a purposeful act. He also pointed out that others related to this scandal pleaded the Fifth Amendment to avoid possible prosecution in a court of law. Lester Holt seemed to concentrate on Trump far more than Hillary, but that certainly was no surprise was it?

When Hillary started slamming Trump for his alleged mistreatment of Women, he failed to respond with clear accounts of Hillary’s past ardent defenses of her husband Bill, during all of his anti-women controversies. Trump also missed the opportunity to point out how Hillary’s gun control plan would likely disarm Women across this country, leaving them much more susceptible to the whims of rapists. Trump certainly could of added the atrocity that occurred in Cologne Germany with the groping and reported rapes of multiple Women by men of the same mentality, that will most likely be embedded among the thousands of Syrian refugees that she clearly supports bringing into American cities.

When Hillary talked about the advantages of the rich, Trump should have revved up the train of truth and asked her about her wealth and how much of it came about through public office, in making speeches to the big banks she often courts and chastises at the very same time!

I hope Donald Trump brings all of these things up at the next debate but until then, we will all suffer under the many deceptive masks of Hillary Clinton.

Two Last Things: Most of us are sick of the bias in the network media right? Well, I think we should look at crafting a panel of partisans to conduct the debates. One rep for the democratic party and one for the republican party. Both get to ask any question they want and both get equal time. This way, liberals cannot inject more deception into national elections. They can both ask any questions they want, because no matter what the questions, no liberal can hold a candle intellectually to a ardent honest conservative. Let’s say Rush Limbaugh asks Hillary the questions, and say, Democrat Bob Beckel asks Trump whatever questions he likes. These are just two possible examples, but this would give the public the ability to judge the truthfulness of the candidates themselves, because it would start out fair, instead of nearly always loaded against the republican candidate. 

Restore the requirement to produce I.D. at the election tables across America, so the democratic party has less of an ability to cheat. If this is not a contrived plot to null elections, and the democrats insist it is to make it easier for the poor to vote, then why not make this a new requirement for food stamps and welfare, and do away with I.D. at the welfare offices? Wow folks free money! Why not, the democratic leadership has given multiple votes per person with the NO I.D. REQUIREMENT!!

Mark Damon

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