The name of the article: A REFUGEE TEST OF NATIONAL HONOR:

Mr. Galston,

The past incidents involving Jews and American Japanese and the current controversy involving Syrian Refugees, are moral apples and political oranges. Do you have a time machine sir? I am just wondering, because if you do, you must have entered an alternate timeline, where Jews were apparently cutting people’s heads off, raping little girls and drowning people in swimming pools. My historical timeline shows that Jews did nothing of the kind. My historical timeline also showed Japanese Americans doing no such thing. Also, neither of the people above were traveling the world engaged in non-stop evil. As far as Japanese internment camps go, you can file that under A for Abomination. If anyone suggested putting American Muslims in the same type of camps as we did the Japanese, that person should be placed in file T for Tyrant.

The moral equivalency argument you seek to paint in your piece is complete lunacy. The tightening of our borders to stop the infiltration of barbarians who rape little girls and enjoy inventing new and horrible ways to murder, is not a testament toward a lack of American Bravery, but a testament to see if we have enough common sense left as Americans to do so.

Interestingly, you mention that there are people that say we should only allow Christian Syrians into the Country. It is quite ironic that you have the gusto to use the above as a pejorative, in regards to a Pro Christian argument submitted by other people, when it is a fact that Christian Syrians are the people that are the most abused, raped and murdered with utmost glee. Is not your entire argument for letting these refugees in, an argument that shows that America has compassion for the oppressed? If this is the case that you and your political brethren are making, then I suggest that the people that say we should only allow Christians have taken the high moral ground.

In addition to what I have outlined above, there are reports that the Terrorists have plans to infiltrate the Syrian Refugees! Sometimes I wonder while reading one of these national newspapers, or while watching certain national news broadcasts, if Rod Serling will appear just in front of the paper or the television, and begin to describe how some of these journalists or commentators have just entered the Twilight Zone! It is absolutely amazing to me, how some people have lost the ability to reason, no matter what the ideology is that moves such people forward in life!

The Godless overhaul of our highest laws and the total annihilation of moral absolutes are giving us these commentaries and columns today. People have embraced ideas that foster so much deception today, that the minds of many, have been given over to a reprobate way of thinking that is becoming pandemic. It is not political correctness as many claim, for that is merely a symptom. Instead, we are experiencing true spiritual darkness that has caused the minds of many men to collapse into a complete and utter intellectual breakdown of irrational thought.

Mr. Galston, there are many brave Men and Women here in America, it’s just that some of us choose honesty over that symptomatic political correctness often referred to, and moral clarity over gross stupidity.

Finally, I have written open letters to you and George Takei on this subject, is there anyone else? Let me know, I’ll correct you as well.

Mark Damon

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