Scientists say Comet may hit the Earth in 2017. President Obama and Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton, say the NRA and makers of the AR-15 Rifle are to blame!

Forty nine people were brutally murdered in Orlando Florida, and Obama and Hillary’s responses involve another proposed assault weapons bill! It appears that the promoters of stupidity and political correctness have lifted one form of political correctness above another. Forty nine Gay people were not killed, forty nine Americans were killed. I am not playing this stupid identity game anymore! Let the progressives play it, and in the end, we will all continue to see the results of their vast ignorance, which in this case, was death. These forty nine Americans had friends, family and co-workers that interacted with them every day, some of them were loved, some were liked and some laughed together with their co-workers, but once again, the progressives failed them. The progressives promise economic security for identity groups but they continue to fail them. They promise better education but they continue to fail them. They promise the world, but they always fail. This time two identity classes clashed, and the progressives chose the murdering class.

All over this Country, someone can take out an E.P.O. (Emergency Protective Order) in regards to what a person feels is impending danger from a former boyfriend, husband etc, and bingo!, no access to guns through the background checking system, (at least that’s the way it is supposed to work) but a man (in this case, a radicalized religious fanatic) can be investigated by the FBI twice for possible Terrorist connections and can pass a check with no problem? In an E.P.O. scenario, all the alleged domestic violence victim has to do, is to fill out a complaint that explains how she thinks she is in danger. (usually the complainant is a woman).

Could it be that political correctness was the silent partner that helped Omar Mateen murder forty nine Americans? You bet it was, and Obama and Clinton had previously enabled that partner to help Mateen carry out his diabolical plot! I am so sick of hearing from these idiots that the NRA and American gun owners are responsible for these madmen! The fuel for these murdering monsters can be laid at the steps of progressives like Obama, Hillary, and the democratic leaders in the halls of Congress, that once again, are revealing their classic stupidity, by calling for more gun control! Hey, progressives!, could it be that you place various groups at each others throats each and every day? Could it be that you teach our children that they all came from apes and after death that’s it? Could it be that you deny the application of aggressive law enforcement to detect and stop these home grown killers because of political correctness? Could it be that the Christian God is denied access all throughout our republic, while you promote religious political protection for one more of your identity groups? I say yes, that’s the problem! people don’t report overt activities in regards to certain groups, because they are afraid that your progressive friends in the media will hang them out to dry, or Attorney General Loretta Lynch will threaten them, or maybe Obama will shame them and call them typical white people, like he once referred to his own Mother!

America, Gay America, Black America, Hispanic America, Asian America, Liberal America, I told you this before and I mean it, you are being used by the progressive elites! I am telling you, they are looking to achieve power through your votes, your loyalty and your apathy. In the process, you are losing rights not gaining them. You are in the pen and you are being fattened by them, and the FOOD is tasty. They don’t care about you. This is happening because of spiritual evil. It’s more than liberalism, communism or any other ideology, it is spiritual evil, and unfortunately, I will probably be proven right in our lifetimes. I am not on fire for Trump, but right now anyway, he is getting my vote, because Hillary is not on our side (Americans), she is on her side.

Let me ask America a series of questions:

  1. Why was Mateen held to a lower standard for gun purchases than a alleged domestic violence offender?
  2. Are Muslims who have been radicalized (using the word of choice of progressives) protected because of political correctness?
  3. How will a government governed by progressives, protect the gay community from future attacks, when Muslim governments that progressives do not consider radicalized, call for the death penalty for gays in their countries?
  4. Was the FBI afraid to deny Mateen the AR-15 purchase, for fear of reprisal from more powerful and connected leaders in our political system?
  5. Ask yourself America, do progressive leaders really care about me, or is Mark telling me the truth, am I being used, only to be fattened up?

I want to be clear. I do not blame the FBI or the Police in these cases, because often, they are subject to the political correctness of the progressive elites themselves! I also do not know if the FBI fear powerful progressive politicians, but it often appears that way, when the public sees an aggressive defense of these monsters, many times, before a crime is committed.

Don’t let Obama and Hillary take your guns America, that’s about the only real Constitutional right that’s still mostly intact.

Let us all pray tonight for the peace and serenity of the friends and families, of the victims that fell, due to political correctness and progressive stupidity, and hope that sanity one day returns to this republic.

By the way, there is no Comet (as far as we know) on the way to the earth, but if there was, Obama and Hillary would likely blame the NRA for the lead bullets, that they would say, pepper the landscape, drawing this horrible comet toward the earth!

God Bless,

Mark Damon


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