President Barack Obama and Secretary of State Kerry to Vacate Washington Settlements via New State Solution.

It’s January 1st, and soon President Barack Obama and his lackey, Secretary of State John Kerry, will vacate their occupation of Washington. The people spoke loud and clear in the Continue Reading

Super Storm Missed America.

The Super Storm of Evil may be delayed with the election of Donald Trump, but evil acceleration may not be completely halted, due to America’s spiritual condition. Apparently, there are Continue Reading

God’s Ark of Safety Part 1: The Election Storm.

I want to start this sermon by saying that I am not a minister, but for this election I must act in the capacity of one, because too many ministers Continue Reading

Mars vs Earth: President Obama, Candidates Clinton and Trump, World Leaders address July 4th Dilemma.

At midnight on July 4, 2016, twenty six cities across America were attacked. We have not yet determined how many human beings have died, but we know the death toll Continue Reading

Scientists say Comet may hit the Earth in 2017. President Obama and Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton, say the NRA and makers of the AR-15 Rifle are to blame!

Forty nine people were brutally murdered in Orlando Florida, and Obama and Hillary’s responses involve another proposed assault weapons bill! It appears that the promoters of stupidity and political correctness Continue Reading


I don’t know anything about actress Rose McGowan, but I know enough about her now, that I am not interested in seeing her in any movies in the future. I Continue Reading

The Real War on Women and the Second Amendment

When Americans go to bed at night, or whenever we lay our heads down to rest, we should have the confidence that our leaders are going to sleep, with their Continue Reading

A Response To Senator Patrick Leahy of the Senate Judiciary Committee: Let Me Get This Straight. You Think The American People Will Not Stand For Delaying The Confirmation of A New Supreme Court Justice, Because We Want to See That You Are Doing Your Job?

No Sir! Senator Leahy, doing your job in my view, and also in the kaleidoscopic view of millions of Americans, would be upholding your oath to the Constitution! My, what Continue Reading

A Light of Freedom is Lost, Evil’s Eyes are Brightened and its Claws are Sharpened, and Good Men and Women are Called to Battle.

Justice Antonin Scalia left this world on February 13, 2016. He now stands in the presence of the King of Kings and Lord of Lords, The Lord Jesus Christ. I Continue Reading


Dear President Obama, Spare us please! I see no tears in relation to your own twisted liberal philosophies. Your philosophies paint a picture of the unborn child as an issue Continue Reading

Obama Administration Releases Santa Claus From Prison, Following Public Service Message, Agreement To Pay Restitution To Injured Couple, And The Surrender Of Millions Of Toy Guns.

It appears the Christmas Eve tradition of Santa and his flying reindeer will continue as always. In a surprise move, The Obama administration has ordered a full pardon for the Continue Reading