The Constitution According to Suprun.

I hate to add to this man’s instant fame, but He’s already all over the news. I will add my two cents and move on. I am looking forward to December 20th, when the electors will have cast their votes for the next President. I remember during the debates the frightful words of major news figures, when Donald Trump had said that he may not accept the outcome of the election. I remember that many of these major network commentators said that Donald Trump’s unwillingness to accept the outcome of the election was dangerous. Since then, we have had the other side protest the election for weeks, demand recounts, smash store windows, trash cars and destroy property. This is standard operating procedure for the left. They show hypocrisy when they wake up in the morning. Just name the issue.

This is not about whether Christopher Suprun has a Constitutional right to vote another way, because in some states it’s okay to do so. He may even think he is standing on the moral high ground, even though he is not. What really gets under my skin though, is this constant reference to the Constitution that him and others portray, as if they know what they are talking about. I believe the original reference in regards to Suprun’s words, appeared in the New York Times. I believe he was concerned that Trump was not being Presidential, (Gee Presidential, that’s a Constitutional issue, not) and that he intended to uphold the Constitution by not voting for Trump, and that he might vote for a good Woman or Man like John Kasich. I see, so Suprun intends to uphold the Constitution by voting for a man that was once fairly hostile to the Second Amendment of the Constitution?

Kasich also preached to Americans in one of the debates to get over Gay Marriage. Okay sure, millions of people are going to shed 6000 years of tradition, religious convictions, and cultural norms because Kasich thinks the Supreme Court is the final word on the issue? Has the Abortion controversy been put to rest by the Supreme Court? What about the gun rights issue? The Supreme Court ruled five to four that the Second Amendment establishes an individual right to keep and bear arms, and tell me, has that stopped the ardent march of progressives to outlaw gun ownership?

Suprun’s logic is flawed and that’s why I am adding my voice. Donald Trump won the election through the electoral college, and since Suprun’s argument regarding the Constitution is ridiculous, he has no moral or ethical ground to stand on. Maybe Suprun is serving himself here. When do the book deals start Mr. Suprun? How about the speaking tours? Are you feeling itchy to catch a plane to make the O’Reilly Factor, Megyn Kelly, or Sean Hannity? Maybe you will be like John McCain and go break bread with the liberal media instead?

Like I said, I will be glad to see December 20th, but of course, there may still be a plethora of lawyers to deal with even after that!

Mr. Suprun, come on, has not the Country suffered enough? Please, Don’t add to the anarchy anymore, or at least do something else for me, understand the Constitution before you say you intend to defend it.

Mark Damon


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