No Cliche Thanksgiving

I do not need to be sappy. I am sappy in the way I stand for the traditional values that made America great on a daily basis. This is a no cliche blog about GIVING THANKS! I am confident that some cable channels are playing feel good Holiday movies, that radio talk show hosts (the ones that are in today) are going through the original story of Thanksgiving, and how liberals and leftists are skewing the historic context of Thanksgiving, oh I’m sure it’s all there to hear if you got an ear to hear it. Instead, I am personally giving thanks today for the following:

I am thankful that Donald Trump won the Electoral College, even-though, I am skeptical about how he will up-hold traditional American values and the Constitution. I am thankful for the Founders brilliance in the way they designed the Electoral college, for we are already seeing how the popular-vote-groupies are trying to steal the election. We are already seeing how they are urging Hillary to challenge the voting machines in battleground states because her popular vote is over two million now. The only problem with this so-called popular vote, is that the majority of these popular votes are coming from blue states with loose voter I.D. requirements. So, is the popular vote actually, the fraudulent vote? I think many of those votes are double, triples, or multiple votes. The proof is circumstantial, but I base my opinion on other things Hillary supporters have done and said. I am speaking of the behavior we have all seen from Hillary’s supporters.

Hillary’s supporters suggest things like asking the Supreme Court to reverse the election decision, while others engage in law breaking, such as vandalism and rioting. Anyone that would engage in those activities would not think twice about voting multiple times in those no I.D. Blue States.

So, so far I’m thankful. I’m thankful that it is Thanksgiving and that the integrity of the Holiday has not been tarnished by a stolen election. I only hope the celebration of Christmas remains untarnished as well. So, be thankful America, that the Founders created a system where states with smaller populations are able to yell just as loud as blue states like California, Maryland, and so on. If anyone doubts my theory about the popular vote debacle, look at the popular vote count that Hillary got in the blue state of Maryland alone, this should open the eyes of the most hardened skeptics. After you check her popular vote to Trumps, check on the States voter I.D. requirement.

Most of all, I am thankful that millions of Americans are fed up with the constant leftist threat to our Constitution, traditional values, Bill of Rights, and national sanity. I hope we can wake more Americans up before we lose the entire country to utter stupidity.

You know, like the stupidity of calling all Trump supporters racists, while the good people at the American Music Awards make fun of Trump’s immigrant wife, Melania Trump. Liberals and leftists make a habit of insulting minorities who do not tow the liberal line, or who are conservative etc.

If leftists were villains in the Super Hero universe, they would be called The Ultra hypocrites!

I am thankful that the REAL RACISTS AND BIGOTS did not win this election, and that they have not yet stolen it.

Let us all give thanks and pray!

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Mark Damon

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