The Largest Halloween Party of all Time and You’re not Invited.

There’s a party going on! It’s big, it’s grand, it’s V.I.P. only! That’s right, it’s only for a certain class of people, and these classes are broken down into different groups. The masks cost them nothing, for they are made of flesh, and we provide the financial base for their deceptive shindig. The media is attending the party and have been doing so for some time, it’s only now, that we see them walking through the front entrance. The Democrats have been at the party for years, but it’s really only recently, that they are thumbing their noses at the uninvited. The Republicans are at the party, but they are still trying to use the back entrance, so that us lesser homo sapiens don’t readily see them laughing at us. This party has Professors, Actors, Musicians, and very intelligent people that are supposed to be safeguarding the rest of us from just such a party, but hey, looks like many of them are at the party too! Oh, can’t forget the Judges, Lawyers, and some of the greatest deceivers of all, double minded Conservative commentators. Not all of them you understand, but enough. They all dress like sheep, but are certainly wearing the identity of wolves underneath.

Here is just a small sample of some of the games being played at the party:

Russian Boogeyman: The objective of this game is to keep everyone at the party, and all of the people at the party are able to play, there is no player limit. The media plays, the democrats play, and so on and so on. Anyone involved in the pursuit of the Russian Boogeyman, that proves he exists, wins level one. Level two is harder. Players must prove that an outsider, (you know, someone who will uphold the Constitution, protect our borders, protect the Second Amendment, lower taxes, and basically fight for the uninvited), is connected to the Russian Boogeyman. Republicans have a different role as a player, they must in turn, ignore the real Boogeymen. Neither group of players seek to remove the Boogeyman, but actually, it is the objective to remove or impeach the outsider in the game, because he is trying to crash the party. After the outsider is removed, all players rejoice by exclaiming, BOOGEYMEN!, That’s us! They win, we lose.

Special Counsel: This game is brought to you by the makers of Russian Boogeyman. It involves a democratic lawyer, democratic donors and the man who would employ them to go after the Republican Outsider. The object of this game is to make the uninvited believe, that there is a Russian Boogeyman and his outsider accomplice. The Democrats play a part as well, in that they continue to repeat the narrative, Russia, Russia, Russia! The Republicans play the exact part in “Special Counsel” as they do in Russian Boogeyman. They ignore the fact that players in the special counsel are part of the Boogeymen caucus, in an effort to once again oust the Constitutional outsider.

The Yellow Boys: This game is constantly played by the Republicans and people that vote for them. Your objective is to find out if the Republican leadership are Cowards, or are actually progressives like the Democrats, playing another game altogether. Aspects of the game include watching the Republicans allow a Special Counsel to investigate President Trump when they are all made up of former Clinton donors and a former Clinton Attorney. Ignoring scandal after scandal involving perhaps real Russian Collusion with the Democratic party, DNC, and other key players. Ignoring the unusual circumstances surrounding the death of DNC worker Seth Rich, ignoring the Obama scandal involving Eric Holder and the Fast and Furious debacle, The IRS Scandal, and the scandal involving the unmasking of private citizens in the Obama administration, the allegations involving the seedy deals of Maxine Waters, the dangerous threatening behavior of people in the entertainment industry, protestors that are allowed to go beyond protesting by perpetrating violence, and the dangerous rhetoric from Michael Moore, Madonna and Johnny Depp, that you as a player, probably believe borders on fostering sedition. These are not all of the things Republicans are ignoring in this game, but you can think of more can’t you? So, are they Yellow boys or covert progressives? You decide, and either way, you and I, lose.

Media Mendacity: They lie, you catch em. It’s easy, and getting easier every day. Brought to you from the fine makers of The Yellow Boys and Russian Boogeyman.

We are being played America, but these games are dangerous and they are for keeps. I did not list all the games, nor all of the players or what their roles are, but you should grasp the concept by now.

I told you evil was accelerating, but I did not know that it would combine so many branches, and so quickly, upon the Tree of Evil.

Happy Halloween America, the party is just beginning, pray for President Trump’s success and ask God to turn this Country back to the people, because there are two losers at the end of all of these games, and they are, the people that voted for Trump and the deceived lost people that did not. Neither of us, are invited to the party.

Mark Damon