Absence makes the Heart grow fonder.

Where has this writer been? I have taken a break from writing about EVIL and have just been watching. You know, that’s what Marvel’s the Watchers do right? The Accelerated destruction of American Culture, and of our core values, has been so rapid, that a blog a day would not have been enough. I told you EVIL was going to accelerate and it has. I also believe that we are only at the tip of that iceberg. Not only have the restraints been lifted on that which is Evil, but deception and insanity is growing. The decency that has been displayed during the hurricanes and other disasters are distractions from the forces of EVIL. Spiritual wickedness is not a horror movie fantasy or the make believe stories of religious people, no, not at all, it’s real. Very Real, and the manifestation of it is there for anyone with a set of eyes or ears to detect.

Soon, I will begin anew, a quest to reveal just how much EVIL will be coming our way, but first, I believe I need to say something about the Vegas Horror show. I have restrained myself from commenting on that. I have been listening carefully to all of the talking heads and the usual political opportunists. Gun Control that and Gun Control this etc. The introduction to the next blog will first address the EVIL that has been, to be proceeded by my take on the events in Vegas. Shortly thereafter, I will address to the best of my ability, the EVIL that I think is yet to come.

In the meantime hug your loved ones and your friends, and pray to GOD that he might pour out of his Holy Spirit upon this Nation and the World like a Mighty Rushing River.

Talk with you soon,

God Bless America, Again.

Mark Damon.