Tree of Corruption.

This tree, it has an origin, and I will divulge that origin at the end of this blog, but first, I want to pose some questions. The questions will be followed by a series of ifs. The ifs shall be followed by suggestions assuming that the ifs are true. If the things I pose are not true, than the suggestions do not matter, and are void. Most of the questions I pose have already been established as facts in the various media networks, but I will hold off on displaying judgement until such facts are etched in concrete. One thing I know to be true, is that the tree of corruption is vast, and the roots deep, and that, the tree is growing and the evil fruit it produces is becoming ever more rancid.

QUESTIONS: Are rank and file FBI agents prohibited from talking to the media about operations in the FBI, or from expressing public opinions about FBI Directors, Supervisors, and/or fellow agents, especially concerning character evaluations and internal activities? IF rank and file FBI agents are prohibited from talking to media and other sources about such things, how do we know that rank and file agents really support the activities of former Director James Comey, or Special Counsel investigator Robert Mueller? IF agents are prohibited from talking to media sources about FBI Directors etc, than they immediately should be released to do so without fear of future retaliation, otherwise, the roots of corruption will be allowed to run deeper and unabated.

QUESTIONS: Is Special Counsel lead investigator Robert Mueller very good friends with former FBI Director James Comey? Has Robert Mueller hired either a former or current Hillary Clinton attorney as an investigator or counsel in regards to the Russian tampering or related activities concerning the Trump administration? Are people involved in this investigation former or current top donors to Hillary Clinton or the Democratic Party? IF any of these questions above are yes, than Robert Mueller should immediately recuse himself from this investigation, otherwise, a horrible precedent shall be set and the roots of corruption will be allowed to run deeper and unabated.

QUESTIONS: Did former Director James Comey violate any law when he provided notes to a friend concerning discussions he had with President Donald Trump? IF so, than former Director Comey should be investigated exhaustively for this possible violation of the law, as well as any other possible violations of the law. IF an FBI Director is allowed to ignore the law and make up his/her own rules, than a horrible precedent shall be set and the roots of corruption at the FBI will be allowed to run deeper and unabated. Investigate James Comey IF he violated the law, and indict according to the law. IF, a former FBI Director is not held to the highest standard under the law, the roots of corruption for future positions of FBI Director shall be tainted forever, and the roots of corruption within the bureau may continue unabated.

QUESTIONS: Did former Attorney General Loretta Lynch violate any law when she met with former President Bill Clinton during the investigation of Hillary Clinton’s improper use and care of sensitive or even classified e-mails? Did Loretta Lynch violate the law in instructing former Director James Comey to refer to the investigation of Hillary Clinton as a “matter?’ Did former Attorney General Loretta Lynch ask former Director James Comey to refer to the Clinton Investigation as a “matter?’ Did former Director James Comey ever refer to the Clinton Investigation as a matter, rather than an investigation? Did former Director James Comey violate any law in following Loretta Lynch’s Direction to refer to an investigation as a “matter” if in fact, she did give such a directive? IF any of the events above did in fact take place, than both former Attorney General Loretta Lynch and Director James Comey should be investigated and indicted as provided by law if any such laws were violated.

QUESTIONS: Did former Attorney General Eric Holder engage in a conspiracy to promote American gun control by initiating the Fast and Furious Operation? Did the actions of former Attorney General Eric Holder directly or indirectly cause the death of a federal agent? Did former President Obama have knowledge of this operation, order it, condone it, or otherwise have anything to do with it to promote an ideological position on gun control? Does any federal agency that was involved in Operation Fast and Furious, have any knowledge as to a particular purpose of that operation, or otherwise, as to promote an ideological position on gun control? IF any of the above questions can be answered in the affirmative, than a massive investigation should be conducted, and indictments should follow, or the roots of corruption here, could end up tainting the Constitutional rights of all Americans for generations.These actions if taken, are among the most corrupt of all, because they would have attempted to affect the infringement of a Constitutional right, and if true, did cause the murder of a federal agent. IF true, investigate, pursue, and indict where allowed by law.

QUESTIONS: Did former President Obama use the power of his office to order, condone or otherwise allow, the improper, unethical or even illegal unmasking of private citizens in relation to political opponents, campaigns, or opposing political institutions? IF so, former President Barack Obama should be held accountable to the law, to the extent that the law allows. IF true, any subordinates under former President Obama should be thoroughly investigated and indicted for crimes against American Citizens where the law does apply.

QUESTIONS: Did the IRS target Conservative groups, individuals, or both, and treat them unfairly, in comparison to other political groups with opposing views? Did President Barack Obama know of the targeting of Conservative groups or individuals, condone such actions or otherwise treat such actions with political apathy? IF so, there should be an exhaustive investigation and any and all individuals found in violation of any law, should be indicted and prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

QUESTIONS: Was Seth Rich working for, with, or in relation to the DNC in any way? Is the murder of Seth Rich being currently investigated? Is the murder of Seth Rich being investigated as a botched robbery alone, or are other areas of motive being explored? Is the FBI investigating any connection between the murder of Seth Rich and his relationship with the DNC, or in relation to the investigation of the hacking of DNC e-mails, the Russian investigation or anything relating thereto? If not, why not? Was anything taken from Seth Rich from the killer as a result of this botched robbery/murder? Is the DC Police investigating other possible motives into this murder, including but not limited to, a DNC connection? IF not, why not? IF this murder is not being investigated for all possible motives in the wake of a massive scandal involving the DNC, which in turn has touched the Trump administration, and has included the investigation of a foreign nation, than why not!? Why is this investigation not front and center? Common Sense demands an investigation into any connections between Seth Rich’s murderer and the DNC scandal. Any investigation into Seth Rich should conclude with a goal of national closure for every American, since a connection with the DNC has apparently, been established. IF, the above things are not being investigated, than corruption has infected all of the roots of the tree, whether the narrative is true or not, because a lack of such an investigation, is evidence that a finding of TRUTH is not imperative in this case.

QUESTIONS: Has Hillary Clinton’s Foundation been investigated? IF not, why not? Have all potential crimes outlined in the DNC emails been investigated? IF not, why not? Have there been any questionable deals between Hillary Clinton and the Russian Government? Is any such information available as to Hillary Clinton’s activities with the Russian Government in regards to Uranium or any other questionable activity? Has anything been investigated in regards to this narrative? IF not, why not? Was Hillary Clinton given a pass in her role, (if any) in the Benghazi tragedy? Did Hillary Clinton utter the words “what does it matter” in regards to the Benghazi tragedy? IF so, why? Does the Benghazi tragedy matter to the Republican controlled Congress? IF not, why not? IF any of these things have not been properly investigated, they certainly should be, and violations of the laws of this nation should be followed up with indictments and convictions where the law was violated.

QUESTIONS: Did former FBI Director James Comey create out of whole cloth, a new standard of whether or not someone breaks federal law, when he established that Hillary Clinton did not intend (intent) to break any laws as it pertained to the e-mail debacle? Was former FBI Director James Comey in violation of any law or procedure when he made this judgement concerning Hillary Clinton’s actions and apparently, her state of mind? IF so, former FBI Director James Comey should be held legally accountable for any violation of the law, or legally held accountable for a violation pertaining to his responsibility as a law enforcement official of the highest standing. To allow former FBI Director Comey to change the standard of federal law, is to corrupt the roots of the law, and taint the reputation of the FBI.

QUESTIONS: Is CNN, MSNBC, NBC, ABC, The Washington Post, The New York Times, and various other News organizations and individuals trying to impeach the America vote of 2016, by launching an unprecedented propaganda attack against the President of the United States? Is the Republican Congress trying to impeach the American vote of 2016 with their apathetic position in regards to these attacks? Are some of the Republicans in Congress accelerating this propaganda against the President with their silence and apathy? Are the Republicans assisting the attacks on President Donald Trump with their continued allowance of a Special Counsel Member head, one Robert Mueller, who clearly has loaded his investigative team with democratic donors, attorneys, while enjoying a good friendship with former terminated FBI Director James Comey? IF so, the tree of corruption is rotten to the core, and the American people should be screaming from the roof tops about this travesty and flooding Republicans with letters and phone calls to cease and desist this GHOST HUNT of a duly elected President!

QUESTIONS: Did Former President Barack Obama and former Attorney General Loretta Lynch fuel attacks on our Nation’s Police Officers by standing with radical elements of Black Lives Matter, and by engaging in dangerous rhetoric that was extremely accusatory and critical of the Police? IF so, an investigation should be initiated into a study of the First Amendment and how it relates or does not apply, in regards to the power and official conduct required of Presidents and other high officials.

QUESTIONS: Have federal Judges violated the Separation of Powers in the Constitution by hampering the legal and Constitutional Authority of the President in regards to immigration? Do people that have never entered America for any reason, regardless of political or religious backgrounds or any other reason for that matter, have American Constitutional rights? IF so, where does the Constitution grant rights to people that have never entered America? IF these Judges have violated their oaths, their authority and the Separation of Powers in the Constitution, what remedy can the people take to have them removed? Is there a remedy to have them removed?

QUESTION: Will the Supreme Court relieve Americans from Judicial activist tyranny and return the Constitutional integrity to the Republic? Let’s hope so.

QUESTIONS: Did Black Panther Party members intimidate American voters at any poles during the Obama election years? Did former President Barack Obama or former Attorney General Eric Holder receive complaints about the situation above? Did either former President Barack Obama or former Attorney General Eric Holder know of these complaints and responded with either apathy or excuse? IF so, an investigation should be launched and all parties involved held accountable to the fullest extent of the law.

QUESTIONS: Have either Democratic Mayors or Governors refused to enforce federal law within their own Cities or States in regards to illegal immigrants? Have any of these public officials or others, announced that they will provide a haven for illegals and defy federal law and/or federal law enforcement orders? IF so, public officials should be indicted for violating federal law and prosecuted where allowed by law, In addition federal funds should be withheld from these cities and States that refuse to comply with federal immigration law. IF, the defiance of these public officials result in violent riots or uprisings among the people, then these public officials should be indicted for sedition against the UNITED STATES.

QUESTIONS: Are Police Chiefs, Mayors or other public officials, ordering Police to stand down in the event of mask wearing protestors who punch people, destroy property or light fires? Are adults allowed to wear masks at protests in order to commit violence? Are these officials purposely withholding the National Guard to assist Police with these protestors? Are protestors lighting fires arrested for felony arson? IF not, why not?

QUESTIONS: Is President Trump’s White House full of Obama Era Staff who are engaged in leaks to the media? IF so, all of these people should be fired, indicted and prosecuted in that order. Anyone, anywhere, in any agency, are they above the law? Yes or no? If the answer is no, then find them, investigate them, indict them, and prosecute them Mr. President.

QUESTIONS: Are casual threats, mean spirited threats, or any other threat made on the President or Congressmen or Women violations of the law? IF so, in any way, no matter how it must be pursued. These people should be investigated, indicted and prosecuted. Hollywood Stars and Singers included without exception. This also includes political leaders that make these threats.

This is, the TREE OF CORRUPTION America. It’s roots are deep, it’s branches many. It really is not possible to log all of the rot that is taking place in this Nation right now, for even if I wrote a book on it, there would be room for other volumes. it’s vast, but you should have gotten the point. The more appropriate name of this post should have been, TREE OF EVIL, because it fits, but I kept the title in the secular world and used corruption.

Trump is fighting far more than a political swamp, he is fighting Spiritual Evil. When I wrote a blog on accelerating evil, I never imagined that it would take such a blatant form in government that would be waved right under our noses. When I wrote the scripture, “and now nothing will be restrained from them which they have imagined to do”, I did not know it would be so meaningful in relation to public officials!

There are one of two things coming and it really only depends on timelines and the GRACE OF GOD. We will either descend into greater evil or ascend into a revival given by the hand of GOD. It is going to be up to God. Is this the last days or is that much later? I don’t know, and my opinion does not matter at this point because, God tells us that in the last days that he will pour out of His Spirit upon all flesh.

As far as human endeavors go, we are losing the rule of law and the truth of Justice in America. The issues above need to be addressed, and people need to do what’s right. I hope they do, or America may end up being a foot note like the Legend of Atlantis.

Mark Damon

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