I defend The Second Amendment all the time on this blog. I point out where the Courts are wrong and where law makers fall short of upholding their oath. I will always do this, because it is so very important. The Second Amendment is about the inalienable right to keep and bear arms. In addition to greatly understanding just how important the Second Amendment is to freedom, is the wisdom of picking the best place to choose the fine firearms that we use to enjoy that freedom. I no longer live in Louisville, but some of my favorite gun shops are right there in my home city. I have been to several gun shops in various States, but Louisville still has some of the best. I hope that never changes, given the political climate in Louisville and a crime rate that some are blaming wrongly on guns. Anyway, Tilford’s is one of those great shops in Louisville.

I have known Jack Tilford for a long time. I met him in the early years when he had a shop on Old Shepherdsville Road. Customer Service has always been important to me, and it should be to you, and well, that’s what convinced me to start a customer relationship with Tilford’s Gun shop. Since that time, many years ago, Tilford’s has never let me down, and that’s important to me, but, it’s especially important for someone new to guns, who may be enjoying the pursuit of their Second Amendment rights for the first time. Jack and Marty provide the best in customer service, and Jack has a long history of experience in fine firearms. If you are buying a firearm for the first time, Jack can help you with all of your questions. If you are an experienced firearms enthusiast like me, Jack can help you locate that special gun you are looking for, and believe me, he will find it for an outstanding price. Tilford’s has a great selection of revolvers, pistols, rifles, shotguns and the popular semi-automatics of today. Tilford’s stocks new and used guns, and can often order something you are looking for, if he does not have it in stock. Tilford’s is located at 3411 Fern Valley Road not too far west of Preston Highway. I highly recommend checking Tilford’s out, like me, you’ll end up visiting for years to come.

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