A Light of Freedom is Lost, Evil’s Eyes are Brightened and its Claws are Sharpened, and Good Men and Women are Called to Battle.

Justice Antonin Scalia left this world on February 13, 2016. He now stands in the presence of the King of Kings and Lord of Lords, The Lord Jesus Christ. I mourn with his family on this day, not as a relative, or as a friend, or even an acquaintance, but as a fellow citizen like Scalia, who believes in our Constitution, Freedom, and the importance of standing against cultural relativity. He dissented on Gay Marriage and rightly so, and I never read his opinion on it, but I really do not need to read it, because Gay Marriage is wrong on many levels, none of which are grounded in discrimination against people who are oriented toward the same sex. Everyone should and does have the freedom of choice in regards to sexual orientation. This subject deserves a blog of its own, and I will likely do one to explain my position on this subject, but this is not that blog. Instead, this blog will address what the loss of Justice Scalia could mean for our wayward Nation.

The First and Second Amendments to the Constitution are under attack. The First Amendment is under attack in the form of hate speech legislation, fairness pitches, and a host of other well sounding titles and programs, that in reality, do nothing but chill, stifle, and seek to silence free speech. The same can be said about the Second Amendment attacks. We are exposed to the same deceptive pitches in regards to the Second Amendment. In recent years, they would frame the arguments for Gun Control by ensuring hunters that the types of guns that hunters use, would not be included in gun control legislation, and they still do, but now, they are also tell us, that no one wants to take our right to self defense away, that they only want to prohibit weapons of war. The only problem with this deception is that first, it is not true, and second, that they must define a six shot revolver as a weapon of war, because they have been trying to ban simple self defensive handguns for decades. You see, my fellow Americans, you are being groomed with deception, prepped with detection, and your rights defiantly rejected. We are held in contempt because most of us love freedom and free will.

The passing of Antonin Scalia is not just the death of a Supreme Court Justice, it is an open door for the expansion of greater evil. If President Obama is allowed to confirm the next Supreme Court Justice within his Presidency, complete Hell could be unleashed upon this Nation. Not only could the Court advance toward an even greater level of perversion and evil, creating new and horrible rulings in the form of rights that do not exist, and have never existed in our Constitution, but the Court could further destroy the rights of free speech, religious liberty and completely annihilate the Second Amendment! Now, I ask you, what kind of Nation will we become, without being able to speak freely, without being able to defend ourselves, all the while, enjoying a host of new rights that are not rights at all, but an erosion of more great American values, in the form of replacement moral relativism?

It is not just the current situation that is disturbing. It is not just President Obama’s current Presidency that could bring us a new Supreme Court Justice, but the next President as well, and that President could be Hillary Clinton, someone just as radical as Obama, if not more so.  We are so close to collapsing as a nation, and deception, Government dependence, and apathy is so rampant now, that I wonder what the near future will bring. Many people are oblivious to the onslaught of evil that is advancing at an unprecedented pace.

Our young people have been taught by these deceivers to fear rebel flag license plates, instead of people that would rape their little Sister, behead their little Brother, and burn to death their parents. They have been taught that most white people are racists, that Christians hate homosexuals and that gun owners are murderers and NRA members terrorists. All of these charges are false, and these lies are being fostered to enslave people of every race, creed and sex. They accuse the innocent, while hiding their diabolical plans of ultimate control, tyranny and power. They turn friend against friend, family against family, and neighbor against neighbor. You and me, are not welcome in their circle of power. On the day or darkened night, that they achieve their pinnacle of power, you will not have a voice to oppose them, for you will have allowed them to gut your First Amendment, nor will you bear arms, if it becomes necessary for your defense, because you will have fallen for their lies about the Second Amendment, and you will have turned in all of your guns to be compliant to at least five Supreme Court Justices, that claim you have no right to arms, nor self defense.

One more Renegade Justice on The Supreme Court, will be all they need to start raping and brutalizing our Bill of Rights, and make no mistake about it, they will DO IT with smiles on their faces! Four Justices have already proven they WILL do it, when they ruled against the Second Amendment in the Heller case. If the Senate leaders are bold enough to delay replacing Justice Scalia’s seat until after the election, I strongly suggest ALL of you let them know you are with them! So many people in this nation are always screaming about rights, well, if you are not careful, you may lose the two rights that secure all the others that you are always screaming about! Call your Senator and tell them not to confirm any Justice this year!

All I can hope for in the near future are two things.

  1. That the Senate will not confirm any Justice this year.
  2. That the American people are smart enough, to vote against another volley of lies.

Good bye Justice Scalia, you will be missed, more than you will ever know!

Mark Damon

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