An American Thanksgiving, Let’s Enjoy It While We Can!

I am still watching and taking notes. Perhaps I did not mention that an acceleration of evil is often accompanied by complete lunacy. I am absolutely sure that both are currently taking place in America and the world, as I type this blog. Anyway, it’s THANKSGIVING, and we celebrate today another great American tradition, and I am so thankful that we are able to do so today. Since many people in this great land have chosen to pull and topple our historic statues over, have successfully attempted to stifle the FIRST AMENDMENT for some, while expanding it for protestors that engage in violence, and have blatantly disrespected our FLAG and NATIONAL ANTHEM, it is of course refreshing to know that for at least this year, THANKSGIVING is still with us.

The better news, is that Christmas is around the corner and the agitators would only have a month to destroy that tradition, so we are probably okay there as well, for this year at least. We did have someone awhile back try and alter a Charlie Brown Christmas, you know, the most important part of it, but I don’t think they got a lot of mileage on that attack. It’s a shame that America is getting such a bum rap, I mean look, immigrants from all over the world are trying to come here, I guess they are thankful that America, in it’s current and traditional form, is still here. Every Country can surely dig up past mistakes and imperfect histories, but America’s accomplishments and her Constitution, have truly made this Country great. No history lesson today on the Pilgrims or Native Americans (Indians), I will leave that up to radio commentators that seem to miss the greater picture of what America is all about.

I have been absent lately, and it’s because truth is precious and rare today, it usually does not cost much to get the absolute truth, although it is one of the most precious things a person can possess. I guess what I mean is this: I am not after money with this blog, even though I will not shy away from the opportunity. So, when I do show up, it’s not for money or fame. My goal is to fill your soul full of glowing truth, a truth that is absolute, rare and genuine. If we lose all of the truth in this country, we lose the Country. Likely, our soul will follow the loss of our nation for many of us. I will never cheapen or compromise this blog. Your well being is important to me. I care about all of you, both liberal and conservative, democrat and republican. I must tell you the truth however, and sometimes, that requires tough love and tough writing.

We are living in a world of disingenuous, dishonest, deceptive, bitter, uninformed, misinformed and even hateful and evil people. There is so much deception out there, and one of them, perhaps the one that could strengthen and empower all of the other various deceptions, are the deceptions and flat out lies about what they have been saying about the lack of greatness concerning this nation. It is important for those of us who know about that greatness of America, to stand up and verbally defend it when the anti-America agitators slander and impugn her. No Country can claim total greatness because we are ALL  flawed human beings.

Let us all give special thanks this THANKSGIVING, and let’s hope that this great tradition for a great time in our history, is still with us all next year.

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Mark Damon