Human Swamp Rats and the various Subspecies in the United States!

Donald Trump has a monumental task ahead of him. He has promised to drain the swamp in Washington. The only problem with Donald’s promise, is that I am not sure Continue Reading

The Seventh Day of Halloween: Season of Deception.

Hillary Clinton reminded me of Bill Clinton, as she approached the Woman with the first question in the second presidential debate. She asked the Woman if she was a teacher Continue Reading

Thomas Jefferson and Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin.

Democrats love Thomas Jefferson when it comes to the separation of Church and State, after all, this wrongly interpreted phrase has allowed democrats to replace real morality with relative morality. Continue Reading


The attributes of a hero are often courage, honesty, courtesy and charity. The foundation that is Kirsten Powers new book, reveals all of those characteristics. I don’t believe that every Continue Reading

The New York Daily News Gives Us A Glimpse into President Obama’s No Fly List AKA No Gun List!

President Barack Obama asked the following question following the terrorist attack in California. He asked, “What could possibly be the argument for allowing a terrorist suspect to buy a semiautomatic Continue Reading

Stephen Prothero via USA TODAY: Response to “Religious Bigotry is as American as Apple Pie”.

Mr. Prothero, I feel I must respond to your piece on religious bigotry in the December 9th edition of USA TODAY. Your comparisons of religious discrimination directed at Catholics and Continue Reading