Calling All Federal Whistle Blowers, It’s Time To Defend The Constitution, James Comey Has Finally Been Fired!

I was listening to talk radio Host Michael Medved during a casual cruise today, and I have to tell you this. If there are Conservative radio stations that actually believe he is a voice of Conservatism, they need to listen to him much more closely. Worse, if there are Christian Stations that play Medved over the air, then it is likely that the employees and producers of that Christian Station, will one day be standing at God’s Great White Throne Judgement, rather than the Judgement Seat of Christ. Rather than explain the differences here in regards to the two above Judgements, I will leave that up to the Christian radio stations to interpret just what I mean, and if they do not know that which I am referring to, than it’s more likely than ever, that they will be standing at God’s White Throne Judgement rather than the Judgement Seat of Christ.

I rarely base opinions on little or no information. Usually, my opinions come from well informed study, research and experience, and such is the case here. I believe Michael Medved embraces one of two characteristics. He is either a deceptive liberal, highly intelligent in his endeavors to deceive, or he is spiritually double minded. I will not offer an opinion to which is the case, but it is my opinion that he is one or the other. I believe this is one of the most dangerous type of commentators, because deception, whether intellectual deception or spiritual deception, is one of the most powerful forces on earth. Deception started with the master of deception and he is called Satan. Make no mistake, we are not only in a game of ideological warfare, but we are in fact, embroiled in a hot bed of spiritual darkness and deception. Michael Medved is perpetrating one or the other, or both, in my opinion. Readers may be asking, what does this have to do with Whistle blowers and former F.B.I. Director James Comey? I am going to tell you, just stay with me.

This whole side show is about smoke and mirrors. It’s about Wickedness in high places and spiritual evil. I am first focusing on Mr. Medved because he commands an audience of millions. My analysis here, is a warning to millions of Americans that are being deceived, I believe, by him and countless others. I amĀ  just a little blogger, so it will be up to God, to raise this message, this warning, UP, and magnify it.

A caller to the Medved show today, felt that the Russian-Trump investigation would really go no where. He told Mr. Medved, that what we really needed was an investigation of Obama’s surveillance scandal. Michael Medved responded with a metaphor using a Captain in charge of two different ships. Basically, Medved was saying that the one Captain is gone (Obama) and that we should focus on the Captain of today’s ship (Trump). What Michael Medved must has missed, is that the Captain at the helm now, is there because the crew and passengers wanted a change in the direction of the ship. Much of the first Captain’s crew, are still on the ship powering the wheel, and we are still headed for the rocks.

The Democratic leadership is still a part of Captain Obama’s crew, and Hillary was his First Mate.

Michael Medved talks about divine providence and America. He pushes his books on the subject. Yet, he embraces Gay Adoption, regardless of the rights of the the child that should be considered, and he believes in Micro Evolution. These two beliefs alone, when coupled with his professed spiritual beliefs, indicate spiritual double mindedness in my opinion. Evolution is complete folly. Many Scientists agree with me. To say that Gay Adoption does not create a worldview in a child is utter nonsense, because it does. Yet, Michael supports these things. He supports ignoring the previous administration and any corruption there of, based upon the hollow principal of moving on? We will not make America great again, without exposing that which is undermining it. Therefore, in my opinion, when someone listens to this man, no matter what they think he is saying, no matter how intellectually honest they think he is, if that person is not grounded in spiritual truth, then they will be deceived, and a cycle of apathy toward leaders that do not have America’s best interest at heart will continue to thrive.

I listened to Medved on the way home and I do so often. He takes calls and often walks over his callers drowning out the ones with points that better exceed his own. I am not picking only on Medved, for there are many across this Country that are doing the very same thing that he is doing, but he addresses millions, so I have no choice but to write about that which I feel is deception. Fighting Deception is the biggest theme of this site no matter whom I think may be engaged in it. Trump just recently fired one of the crew members of the other ship, that would be Steward (F.B.I. Director) James Comey. Here’s why I think Comey needed to go a long time ago.

The Course of the River is not right:

Former Director James Comey has been all over the map with the Clinton Investigation, then to be followed by legal recommendations that made no sense. Why? I have sat by and watched this side show now for months, not knowing who can be trusted and who cannot be trusted. This is a sign that a Nation, any Nation, has branches of Spiritual Evil in every direction. The Democratic leadership in this Nation have embraced a Spirit of darkness, that is fostering total chaos now. If you simply watch them, listen to them and catalog this insanity, it is easy to see. Comey, whether willing or not, became a party to this political and Spiritual insanity. I have written about accelerating evil in other posts, and the spiritual evil is ever growing by the day. Just watch and listen to some of the newest demands of our perverted culture. Evil is definitely accelerating, so a state of reprobate minds is following that course, and this Nation is losing it’s way, adopting moral relativism.

The Republicans are also losing, although they won massively in elections all across this Country. People are yearning for Men and Women with backbones, but are getting little better than Republican Jellyfish in many cases. Some things they have accomplished offer a glimmer of hope, but Republicans do not realize the power of darkness that they are treading over with the modern Democratic party. We have a Passive and in many cases a Repressive Spirit (The Republicans), engaged in battle with a fiery Oppressive Spirit (The Democrats). America has rejected God and in doing so, God is releasing all restraints of evil within our hearts and minds.

Comey is another element caught up in this madness, Medved as well. Divine Providence is only as good as the People’s embrace of it Mr. Medved.

A channel in the River worth noticing:

The water, look at it. Study the stream. It’s the Democratic Leadership. So many Democrats questioned Comey during the Clinton Investigation, but were they sincere? Have you, has anyone, ever known a Democrat entrenched in left wing ideology to bend toward anything other than their ideological goal? I think not. So, when the Democratic leadership were chastising Comey, asking him to resign etc, did they mean it? They did not trust him right? He botched the election of Hillary Clinton (According to the Democratic leadership) right? So then, the Democratic leadership had already publicly established that they blamed Comey for the loss of the election, that he acted unprofessionally and carelessly, or did the Democratic Party really believe that?

Fast Forward to the Russian Investigation:

The Democratic leadership, defenders of the leftist faith, keepers of the welfare state, the power of dependency. This party, is going to leave The Russian Hacking Investigation and Trump’s possible involvement, up to a man that they do not trust? Hardly! Think about it. The Democratic leadership did not trust Judge Gorsuch (Now Justice Gorsuch), so they fought him tooth and nail. Director Comey is a man that may have handed the Democrats a case for impeachment, so, why are they now upset that a man that they do not trust has been fired? Something is wrong with the course of the river here. Was Comey actually compromised from the beginning? After all, he proclaimed Hillary guilty, but not guilty at the same time.

Enter The Federal Whistle blowers:

The American People need you if you exist. If you know anything about the corruption of the IRS scandal, the Fast and Furious scandal, or details on the inner activities of James Comey, or anything else that reveals the corruptions of the democratic leadership, than now is the time to emerge with the truth. Our Republic is in danger. The Democratic leadership are destroying this Nation, College Professors are calling for violence against Republican leaders, and they are trying to shred the Constitution. Come forward and stand for the truth. I do not think Trump will allow them to fire you. I have done it before and you can too.

Stand with great Men Like George Washington and Abraham Lincoln, for we are facing perilous times not since the Founding of this Nation. You can be Paul on the horse. Please, Sound the alarm, and God help us.


I remember that Michael Medved told the caller to his show, that anything regarding previous administrations in the context of investigations was irrelevant. See, that’s the problem here. The American People voted for Trump because of the corruption of past administrations, both Democrat and Republican. The People do care about what other administrations have done, because they keep behaving the same way. They have gotten away with this corruption and apathy for decades. The courts are doing the same thing. Michael Medved talks about making conservative right turns throughout his life, and how America was founded upon Divine Providence, while he simultaneously serves on USA Today’s Board of Contributors (At least I believe he did possess that status). Just look at what USA Today frequently publishes, and ask yourself why Michael would want to be a part of such a paper, if he is the conservative that he says he is. You are being deceived America, and the deception is pandemic. Medved is only one example, in my opinion, of disinformation coming from a source other than the Progressive media.

Think for yourselves my fellow Americans, put two and two together, and reason it out in your own head. Match the morals, what you see and know, with the verbal rhetoric you are receiving. Ask yourself, why anyone would be willing to ignore what the democratic party are doing to our rule of law, our culture, our traditions and our national morality. Then, ask yourself, is this really the truth that I am hearing, from a source I can trust.

I will bring you the truth for as long as I am able, because I love this Country, the People in it, and The Father, Son and Holy Spirit that made this Nation possible.

You will find genuine warmth, TRUTH and LOVE on this site, and I suggest you embrace it, because in this ocean of deception, it is your life boat.

Thank You President Trump for all you are trying to do.

Mark Damon


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